spicy stomach


We eat in order to survive and all of us have different eating habits. If we don’t observe proper ways of eating we cannot avoid having some digestive problems such as dyspepsia. Dyspepsia is a vague feeling of discomfort in the upper belly or abdomen during or right after eating. It commonly known as upset stomach or indigestion. People who experience this may feel heat, burning, or pain in the area between the navel and the lower part of the breastbone and bothersome fullness that occurs soon after the meal begins or when it is over. Bloating and nausea may also be felt but these are not common symptoms. Furthermore, it is not a life threatening condition unless it is being accompanied by weight loss and difficulty in swallowing. Thus, a person must not be confident when this happen to him because sometimes, it occurs due to underlying health disorder such as gastritis and in minority as a first symptom of peptic ulcer, pancreatic disorder, gallstone and occasionally cancer.

Dyspepsia attacks people of all ages and both sexes. So in order to prevent it, we must be cautious enough on eating and keep away from factors that trigger it. Such factors are; eating spicy, fatty or greasy and high fiber foods, eating too fast, drinking too much alcohol, consuming too much caffeine, emotional stress or nervousness, exercise after meals and taking drugs such as certain antibiotics, oral contraceptives, steroid medications and pain killers. Moreover, allowing enough time for meals, chewing food carefully and completely are also things that could help. However if dyspepsia persist antacid drug such as Ranitide and Omeprazole are just available over the counter which could provide relief to the discomfort. Visit a health care provider whenever indigestion symptoms change noticeably, symptoms last longer than few days, unexplained weight loss, passing blood from the stool and having a yellow discoloration from the skin. The doctor may require you to have some diagnostic test in order to confirm your condition. In addition to that he will adjust the antacid into a higher dosage and prescribe additional medicines and recommends you to have an adequate rest period.

To sum it upyspepsia is indeed an unpredictable disorder. We don’t have any idea about the time and place that it would hit us. Health providers are always present to help but as a consequence we must slowly change our lifestyle because it is one way of reducing the amount of trouble that indigestion gives. Hence, as the famous saying goes “Prevention is better than cure.” so, better yet reject things that could lead us on having dyspepsia. It isn’t that serious but it alters our activities of daily living. Let us live life to the fullest without having dyspepsia!

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