My Second life.. one step closer to ___________.

Have you ever think of having a second life, have you heard stories of it or have you experienced one?

I am 20 years breathing already as of this 2012 and I have never think that I would have a second life but yes, I have heard lots stories about it (specially on TV) but I never thought that I would have that also. It is a grace from above that is being given not with all the people who still want to stay here on earth; it is a blessing for His chosen few.

I am being blessed! It was Sunday morning, good weather and my body was in a good condition to attend the review. I woke up around 6 am prepared myself, had a good breakfast and went out of the house with peace of mind. Everything was fine and my morning was running well. It takes me to ride 2 jeeps from our home to the review center. I don’t know why I was so hurry in that time, it is like being punctual and never be absent on the entire set of my review were the only things that are running on my mind. It was a red light clearly for the vehicle to stop; I went out of the jeep then cross the road but it happened to an instant that a multi-cab hit me (the right side front wheel ran over my right foot). A _________  second on my head, my heart thugs, I cried, “oh Lord”, I sat down like a puppy due to the pain and heat on my right foot. “Can I go over with my review today?” I couldn’t answer but am just few steps away! Until a man from another car signals his hands, saying words that I wasn’t able to interpret right away, he was trying to say that the driver overtakes on the left lane in which he was supposed to stay on the center and shouted that the driver must help me.  That was the time the driver went out of the multicab and held me up to the vehicle, good thing it was still stop, so the driver couldn’t escape. 3-5 minutes it all happened at that span of time, after getting in inside his vehicle the green light signals, its go.

I couldn’t remember how I took out my shoe but when I look at my foot; my entire big toe nail was ripped off ~urgghhh painful. I stared at it with worries , I don’t know who to call first, my mom would be much worried, my plans for the review was broken, I guess there’s a fracture, oh no!

The staffs in the hospital have done their part and then the driver took charge of me with all the necessary things. I was crying in pain and the lollipop in my bag has been my remedy since there was no analgesic administered to me yet. I was in the x-ray room when my family arrived except for my papa because I am afraid to call him; he is overprotective and might get aggressive with the driver. Thank God there is no fracture, but I still can’t decide very well.

The doctor said that I could stay home, so I did. It’s more private and I can do dressing on my own basing on my pain tolerance. Eventually my father knew everything. He was disappointed but in the long run he was able to understand my side.  I wasn’t able to attend the review and am not sure how to cover up my absences. I shared it to my bf online and advised me to think positively but I got flashbacks of it whenever I close my eyes.  It made me realize that I would probably on a serious condition if ever I took another step on my left foot, I would probably get major injuries and be on an unconscious state. Yes, I am injured right now but it was still a blessing!

It happened for a purpose, it wasn’t a major injury that I got but that serves as a transition point in my life, my second life that I need to take care, value and nurture. Right after the incident God gave me words from that fits in my situation. I also heard a preaching with MVP PBA player evangelist who went into our house for a prayer meeting, with all the scriptures I had this week, it do fits my condition. I have been praying everyday but I wasn’t submitting everything to him. There is still lacking in me and I guess God allow the incident to wake me up with all my lapses.
God’s ways may be hard, there are things that we have to sacrifice but once we obey him and accept everything wholeheartedly he promise that our hearts desire will follow.

God bless you  and thanks for reading !

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