Tingko Beach Resort

Its summer, great time to have leisure again! I am thinking of myself swimming in crystal clear water while having fun with my family and friends. There are lots of beaches here in Cebu but tourist usually opt to beaches in Mactan and in the northern part of Cebu which most of it are being commercialized. Well known and expensive but wait, there are still lots of beaches to find here in which I could say much closer to nature. Heres one that I found located in southern part of Cebu, just 2-3 hours drive from the city with scenic views to pass by,  “Tingko Beach Resort”

Tingko Beach Resort is is at Daan Lungsod, Alcoy Cebu, Philippines. It can be found in a minute but deep lagoon across Mabad-on Reef, a coral island which is completely flooded during high tide and can be only seen during low-tide. It is separated by a very narrow channel from the mainland. Tingko beach has an arching shoreline, white sand and crystal clear water. There are coconut palms and other trees along the shore which provides a relaxing shade to the people.

There is no entrance fee! One the best thing I like about it, so you can grab all your friends and enjoy what it offers, you just need to pay a cottage with prices ranging from 600-1000 php. If you want to stay overnight, they also have rooms.

It was still morning when we arrived there, the awesome view of the beach with the comforting sea breeze welcomed us. Oh so inviting, we couldn’t just resist to swim right away. So, we dropped of our things on the sand, hurried to the water and swim! We brought our own foods from the city, so there’s no need to buy in the stores there and pig all out.

Passing the green pastures while riding on a vintage truck.

Why are you so seductive?  Anyway,thanks for your warm welcome!
Games under the sun .Hawt! Funny how, we are bringing an umbrella
My classmate Pearl as she enjoys the wind.

That was a tiring day, who wouldn’t be drained swimming all day? Till next time.

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