Ripped Toe Nail

My Ripped Toe Nail Story

April 15, 2012 when I was being hit by a multicab, yeah it was a disgrace but then I was still thankful to God because I have gotten no fracture. So, I was crossing the road in the pedestrian lane with a stop signal for the vehicles and suddenly a multicab tried to hit some space so that he would be the first one in the race. Oh, that was bad the wheel ran over my right foot, hurting me badly and when the shoe fell off my right foot, I was shocked for my big toe nail was totally ripped off!  My tears fell when I saw it together with the extreme pain that I was having. To make it short, I was being brought to the hospital.

This is the first picture I had on my foot in the hospital you can see that my nail is totally ripped off.

Awwww… painful! 🙂

I was able to inhale deeply after we got the result, saying that there’s no fracture that I have obtained but when I tried Iook at my foot, it made me depressed again. No big toe nail at all, would it grow back? Huhuh I’ve got big wounds surely I would have some scars. Terrible!  Having some medical backgrounds, I knew it would grow back but I was just too worried about it, can I ever put some nail polish on it, would my foot could be lovely as it was? I can’t imagine riding a jeep with all the people staring at my feet, comparing its differences.

No worries at all, just have some light, for it would just go back with proper care and maintenance in your wound. (Basing on experience ^^)

Here are my tips for ripped toenail

Right away, after an accident, assess on the injury first. Then if there is heavy bleeding on some part of your foot apply pressure by applying some sterile gauze or clean cloth as soon as possible to stop bleeding. But I do not recommend wrapping the ripped toe nail for the material that you have tried to wrap on it would stick as the wound begins to clot. Go to the emergency room immediately, so that you could have some shots of Tetanus Toxoid and Tetanus Immunoglobulin to prevent the occurrence of Tetany. The doctor would prescribe you some antibiotic, analgesic and antipyretic. Also, the doctor or nurse would be in-charge of cleaning up our wound and removing the remaining nail, if there is any.  However, if you cannot go to the hospital, the best thing for you to do is to clean and rinse your wound with Plain NSS or Hydrogen Peroxide (promise, hydrogen peroxide would be very painful unlike the PNSS), you can also have betadine solution for it then you could also put antibiotic ointment carefully. I suggest not wrapping with any sterile gauze because it would be hard to take it off next time you clean it.

Ripped Toe nail daily care

  1. Do proper wound care every morning and evening then, do not forget to apply antibiotic ointment afterwards.
  2. Some people prefer to wrap it but I did mine this way so that the gauze fibers won’t stick to the wound and allow some air to get inside
  3. Do not forget to take the medicines that the doctor prescribed, this may help you fight against further infection and thus allows you for fast recovery.
  4. Consume highly nutritious foods and additional vitamin A and C. Drink 8 glasses of liquids and more.
That is how it progresses. See how cute the nail is after one month?

Well, those are just simple steps. Just do not worry; it will just grow back after a few months. Mine is growing back now! Cheer up, we could stay pretty and put on some nail polish on it, wear high heels, stand and walk like a girl!

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