Beauty and the Beast 2012

There is a growing craziness that I have right now, and I think this would be one of my interest and I would definitely kill my time for this! Remember when you were a child and you have been following and watching fairy tales with a happy ending? There is a lovely princess, a prince and the two of them makes a perfect match, makes the fairy tale runs so perfect. Well, a little child won’t have much concept about love but I do not know why, why am I so much into those fairy tales when I was growing. I think, it is all about the glamour of the princess with her accessories, gowns, shoes and looks. She is just splendid in which a little child’s playful mind would want to be.

Beauty and the Beast Belle-2

Here is one of my favorite “BEAUTY and the BEAST” an American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation being published the same year that I was born. With Belle as the lovely princess falling in love with the beast in which she doesn’t know that he is a handsome prince who was just being cursed by a which. I clearly remember how do their story goes. Maurice Belle’s father was lost on while on a fair,he was being chased by the wolves and suddenly landed on a lifeless castle which is being owned by the beast. He was being imprisoned by the beast and Belle wanted to take her father’s place in which the Beast also agreed. Belle then, stays in the castle and befriended with transformed servants Lumière, a candelabra, Cogsworth, a clock, Mrs. Potts, a teapot, and her son Chip, a teacup.Then to make the story short, Belle fell in love with the beast and the everything in the castle when into life again. All of the people in the castle went back to their normal being and of course, here comes the enchanting prince.


Well, now there are lots of version of Beauty and the Beast, from Broadway Musical, TV programs to Movies. Quite a lot of it and most of it wasn’t registered on my mind, so I usually don’t remember most of it. Wait! Except for BEASTLY which is being played by Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer. It is a modernized beauty and the Beast version and in as much that I want to write the plot of the movie but it would just make this entry long, I didn’t start talking about my main topic yet ^-^.


So, I would start it now! Just this afternoon I have watched an episode of Beauty and the Beast Tv series from etc. I got really interested while watching it. Jay Ryan (III) as Vincent Keller, was a product of military experimentation which turned him down to a powerful beast. He doesn’t look like a beast literally but he still looks like a normal guy and as I could say, a totally hot beast.

Beauty is tied to the beast via her mother, the scientist involved in the experiments done to these soldiers.Vincent, hides himself off into a warehouse with TJ. Being afraid that he would be tracked down by the government and killed him just like his brethren. Kristin Kreuk who is Catherine Chandler on the story was being motivated to be a detective after she witnessed the death of her mother, where she also met Vincent for the first time, trying to save her life from the killers.

You should check out the rest of the story, it is really cool, I promise! It is a mixture of action and glitz, can you just imagine that the story is being inspired by a modern Bone or CSI with a Medieval fairy tale twist. Why am I late to find this story out? Still, I am thankful that this is being featured in etc and good to know it out before 2013. I would be following!


Overall, the essence of this story is falling in love despite of the looks. Love is not being seen, it is being felt. A person may look like a beast outside but always, there is something that lies down inside, a golden heart that is waiting to be discovered. Feel it and love unconditionally!

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