Heartfelt Blog Revival


It has been a long time that I didn’t touch my blog. Oh my, a year ago! I have been asking myself what did I do with the past months and realized that, I was into a lot of things; things that are necessary in taking the steps of life, things that are valuable enough that I shouldn’t lose track of it and a ton of things that are pretty complicated.

“A year ago” …….time runs so fast that most of us usually, didn’t notice how the days are flying by so quickly.

How about you, what did you do a year ago? As for me, I was very busy building up my career, taking the challenges of this civilization and putting my feet forward into exploring and trying out things that I haven’t ventured. To be specific, I went multitasking; from fulfilling up my dreams, working on a job that my passion bears and being on a company that could help me gain a penny. Quite tough but yes, I was able to work it out and render my service on  different fields. Through that, it made me prove that people can actually move out from their comfort path and go into a way where there is no path and somehow leave a trail. I mean we could all excel out on our best and instead of thinking and sticking only on what we have, we can actually push for more, harder and further. Most of us just usually feel contented on what we are right now, and on what we foresee on the future and sometimes it  is better if we would try to imagine and picture ourselves more than what we can ever do and push!

That takes a lot of courage. I’ve been there and it was so fulfilling,

th (6)


days fly rapidly real,

it’s really full of pressure,

it’s stressful,

I failed to treat myself,

I failed to spend quality time with my family and friends,

I failed to devote a time for meditation,

I failed to capture memories that are supposed to be worth keeping

I failed to blog,

my knowledge is stagnant.

Reality is quite distressing  but I have to deal with it. It is superb to take part on many things but it is also  very substantial to pause for a while, look around and notice what life should meant to be because life is not about working hard, it is not only about accomplishing your own desire, but it is all about appreciating every single moment of your life with the people that values you, for sure someone really does and so it is also very reasonable to value yourself and take care of it. It is fine to push harder but never forget that if it is too much and you are messing up on some things, it is best to internalize first and make an equilibrium to everything.

Let us have a glimpse on this verse from Matthew 6:24.

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth”

So now,  I am back after a long time, taking a pause, dipping the sweetness of life, treasuring people and posting moments.


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