Heart Catch Precure

Cure Sunshine
Cosplaying Myoudouin Itsuki “Cure Sunshine”


“I will heal the darkness in your heart with my light.” (その心の闇、私の光で照らしてみせる! Sono kokoro no yami, watashi no hikari de tera shitemiseru!).

Myoudouin Itsuki (明堂院 いつき Myoudouin Itsuki ) is the council president of Myoudou Academy and the only granddaughter of the President of the same Academy. She is often mistaken as a male because she usually cross-dress as a male to take place for her ill brother to act as the heir of the family dojo. Peony is her heart flower which means rebirth and her noble background.


Tree of Hearts

Pretty Cure “PreCure” revolves around the magical  Tree of Hearts that links to all the Heart Flowers.

Heart Flower

Furthermore, if a Heart Flower started to wilt it makes the Tree of Hearts lose its vitality because it’s life is dependent into it.

Desert Apostles     images (6)

It was once peaceful, splendid and fortuitous Kingdom and it was believed that a flower heart dwells in each person who lives in there. However  the Desert apostles came and tried to devastate the Great Tree of Hearts by transforming the wilting  Heart Flowers inside the people to become a Desertians.

Heart Pot

Containing the Heart Pot with Heart Seeds until it is full is the sole way to revitalize the Great Tree of Hearts.

Pretty Cure Great Tree of Hearts

The Great Tree plays a big role in the Kingdom since it watches over everyone, and it will remain alive with the existence of the Pretty Cure who safeguards the Tree of hearts and collect the Heart Seeds one at a time until the Heart Pot becomes full and be able to give birth to a baby Potpourri.


This anime is just so magical, adorable and kawaii, so tried to cosplay this ^_^.

Credits to Rich :p

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