Beautrio Vanity Box

I am really fond of collecting jewelries and make-ups ever since. Every time I walk out and see cute or interesting fashion jewelry and make up stuffs on the store, I can’t help it I cannot stop myself to buy or try it out even if I am already running out of penny (poor budgeting skills TT).  It is not really a need for me to buy it but I just want to collect and wear it out on the occasion that fits. But well, it is not that effective because I just usually mess it up! Sometimes I forgot where I left or put out my stuffs and oftentimes I am just so disorganized that I disregard my things the most when I am physically drained.

Then, just recently I realized that I was too careless, I should have value and arrange my things because it is not only the penny that was wasted if I will lose or damage my stuffs but it is also for the effort and the sentimental value that I had while buying and I believe that everything that we love and buy has its own story. Therefore, every stuff that we buy deserves a place where they could be treasured and well taken care of.

Luckily just few weeks ago, I was able to find ………………..

Beautrio Vanity  Box
Beautrio Vanity Box comes with rose gold color, just simply gorgeous!

It has 3 main compartments where you can put your stuffs, in addition to that you can actually remove the divider and put your most treasures things under it and make it as your secret compartment.

Beautrio Compartment

A dual purpose vanity box, is it by fate or by chance?

Works as a make up organizer. :)
Works as a make up organizer. 🙂 I arrange my make-ups this way, pretty loves!
As a jewelry box .
As a jewelry box .

Now, I guess I am pretty organized with this and I believe that if you love your things, you will always keep track on it. It feels great to be organized!

Bought it: Gallleria

Price: 250 php plus or 4-5 usd

How about you, do you have your unique vanity box? Feel free to share and let me know how  you feel about it.

Will try to review Beautrio contents soon 🙂 See yah cuties!

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