“Having a bohemian soul is someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is profoundly romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box.” -Savannah Miller

“Boho-Chic” is one of the sought after trends that girls would really want to. With a bohemian,  classy, 70’s hippie, ethnic, vintage and gypsy match-up, you could be on the go and become a head turner. It actually originated from the term “Bohemian” which refers to people who are living in a typically eccentric and mostly artistic lives. Surely, there has been a lot of icons and influences before this style conceptualized and became a trend. It keeps on evolving from the Bloomsbury group of the 20th Century to Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Joy Bryant, Kate Moss and up to now from one of my favorite Vanessa Hudgens.

Most of us usually obtains an idea from someone in achieving a fashionable look and in order to be a “Boho-Chic” you need to understand first what fashion means to you. Well, you could have an inspiration for your fashion look however, the most important means is stirring it up with your own taste, pouring up your artistic uniqueness and embracing your individuality.

Have a free spirit, break-free, live up with your wishes, do things without any hesitations and limits, never get tied up.

Be inspired, here are some tips!

Hair: Glam it up with curls , put on some bohemian bands

Make up: Just a nude look

Overall: Find some hippie, classic, vintage or ethnic clothes in your wardrobe, accessorize with bangles then pair it up with leather boots or strapped sandals.

Now that you are good to go, make it amazing today!

Love lots,

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Photographer: Releria Kimura

Hair and Make up: Yours truly *

****Do you have any Boho looks? Just feel free to link it on my comment box, happy dressing-up!

18 thoughts on “Boho-Chic

  1. For more bohemian look wavy hair put some thin elastic with design hairband around the forehead yes nude or rosey nude lip color and nude makeup will match, plus to make the eyes fresh and bigger apply a flesh tone eyeliner on the waterline. Thanks for liking my posts! Xoxo


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