Luka Megurine Sandplay of the Singing Dragon

Hello faeries, got inspired to post one of my Cosplay “Luka Megurine” from vocaloid. I never do cosplay these days and I am thinking that I already graduated from this hobby. Well, it was on my college days that I did this craziness spontaneously, even though my schedules are real hectic.  It was just so fun to dress up, portray a character, be creative with your costume, enhance your make-up skills, socialize with people and most of all, bring joy to the hearts of young children who are witnessing your play.  Cosplay is a way to express your inner self based on the character that you want to portray and an avenue to deliver your childhood tales and fantasies, through cosplay you can feel young at heart and at the same time showcase your creativity, craft and stage skills. Though, I have not been active doing this art recently coz I am now more focused with my job and other things but still, within me lies the enthusiasm for Japanese kawaii culture and art.

巡音ルカ / Megurine Ruka , name derived from Meguri (巡, circulate or around) and Ne (音, sound), while the name Luka invokes the homonymous Japanese words of “nagare” (流, flow) and “ka” (歌, song) or “ka” (香, scent); thus making songs all around the world as scents diffuse/spread.

Made with Repix (

Night falls and the moon shines the stage. Ill dance alone.

This is an epic shadow, an unknown tale and a memory never to be told.

Made with Repix (

For those who belong to earth and pray on their knees tonight. I’ve restrained a dragons time

by striking the roots deeply into the darkness of the being.

Made with Repix (

Holding your breath, you wait inside me.

It’s the fate of the being enving the bound body.

(Sandplay of the Singing Dragon lyrics excerpt english translation)

Photographer: Mafiya 3 Pictures

Costume: Ani Mae

Make-Up : Yours Truly

“How about you, who is your recent Cosplay inspiration? Feel free to drop one.”



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