Get Focused–Do Yoga

This picture marks the start of my Yoga Journey. I have been hearing a lot about Yoga before and I just didn’t pay much attention to it because I was thinking that it is boring, no challenge and nothing I would get from it. Well, I love doing extracurricular activities ever since. With that, I am into exploring things that look amazing to my eyes. Just like the feeling that you saw someone performs a hobby perfectly splendid, you are in awe, speechless and astonished; you believed that you can also make it (Why not?) or maybe you can do better! However, on that time you do not have the means yet so you promised yourself that you would learn, master and push for it someday. I am always like that, I keep on promising myself that I would surely explore, try and hopefully stick to that hobby. Luckily, everything comes into a perfect timing and I could grasp what I wanted to try. Anyway, looking back I was struggling which one to focus because it is not that easy to have a lot of commitments, I could say that dancing is one of my mainstay hobbies and never in my life I will lose or stop it because it is innate. Though there are some hobbies that I have tried and loved once, thrice or more but it didn’t stay that long because it has some cons for me e.g. resources and accessibility as to mention; Pageants, Cosplay, Workshops, Pole Fitness, diving and etc. thus I couldn’t commit to myself that I could have those as a lifetime hobby.

Finally, my discovery of Yoga.

I didn’t intend or plan to try this stuff and never in my life that I thought that I would practice it and the most…to love it. However, this picture says so. I have been traveling recently and the views that my eyes have witnessed are just so spectacular and incredibly amazing not to be preserved. Most of the time people keeps memories by taking a plain shot and of course on this generation, with a “Selfie” style. However, I wanted to feel the nature, the ocean, calm and relaxed. So, I took a deep breath raised my hand and that moment in the picture was captured. I tried doing some poses thinking that I could have a better scene but unfortunately, I couldn’t. Someone who is very dear to me told me that I could hardly achieve the poses because I don’t have a training, it is difficult I should stop. I was actually confused why should I train where in fact I was just feeling, playing and posing with the scenery. Right then, a concept on my mind started to form.
For that simple reason, it has been a month and a half that I started to train for 2-3 days in a week by myself. One of the good things is that I am not really obliged to go to a gym, to attend a formal class and to pay a membership fee. You can actually do it for free, just a short guidance of someone to check on your poses aided by Nike+Training Club programs.

I am so excited, I believe that it is just the beginning of my Yoga journey and there is a lot more to come. Furthermore, every time that I train, is a moment of discipline, focus, relaxation, unification that relieves stress and anxiety. Gone are the days that I am confused with what hobby should I carry a lifetime. I have found a thing to focus and that thing could really provide me a focus. Right now, my simple reason to do Yoga has gone wide. Because Yoga is so deep to ponder, there is always a lot to learn, a lot discover.

Are you falling into Yoga or want to explore it? It would be my pleasure if you will drop by at my box and share your story. Let us do yoga! Remember, your focus determines your reality.

Summer kisses,


11 thoughts on “Get Focused–Do Yoga

  1. Awesome picture! Yoga is something that I did continuously for a year, but had to give up recently because of other commitments. I’m not good at it by far, but I definitely noticed a change (for the worse) in my life with it gone. My plan for 2015 is to not only to jump back into it, but get better as well! Less time doing downward dog and more time on more difficult poses, hahah. I’m excited to follow you on your journey! (Also, this is/was supdarling – I moved to a new blog! I’ll be joining you on here :])

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    1. Hello Cee;) . Thank you so much for dropping by and for appreciating, Recently, I have discovered that yoga is really something, though I am physically drained at work if I do Yoga, it could help me recover my energy and it feels like I am refreshed. Please come back to Yoga and lets share some experiences with it. You can achieve it lets aim for more flexibility.
      I followed your blog, it is awesome!!


  2. Get “Om Yoga: A guide to daily practice”! It’s an AMAZING self-teaching daily yoga book. It goes through many poses and each day of the week has a theme. You can match it to your schedule at first or try to do it at least 5 minutes a day every day!

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    1. Hello there 🙂 lessonsorgifts! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving this very helpful tip. I would try to find that one, I am excited to learn more 🙂
      Thank you so much


  3. Hello there! Thank you for stopping by This is an Insight. I learned about Yoga about 6 years ago: I shared an apartment so I had my own room. That was when I started practicing Yoga on a daily basis, meditating twice a day and staying committed.
    Then I moved back in with my family and wasn’t able to practice on my own anymore.
    I signed up for a course, which was great since you get a lot of useful guidance on posture and form.
    However, I love the idea of doing it in the comfort of my own home with the right. atmosphere to go with it.
    That’s when I enjoy it the most, reap the most benefits and I’m most consistent. Although I have to admit to the benefits of a live teacher.
    So, now I haven’t practiced for a few months and I wish I could do it both at home and in studio.
    Good luck with your journey! 😘

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    1. Oh thank you so much for giving me this wonderful insight. It is so nice to hear your Yoga experience… I do Yoga at home too and that is where I am comfortable… I think it is nice to practice Yoga to a place where you definitely find your comfort. Moreover, I am thinking about attending a formal education for Yoga sooner to help myself broaden my knowledge about it and acquire techniques to make it perfect.
      Please cheer up and start a new beginning with Yoga, I am loving it and am sure you does too.. make your Yoga fire alive and inspire.

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  4. Yoga is always a de-stresser. Thanks for liking my blog as well, there are a few other pages on at home practices which I hope to develop soon as well. You page is lovely as is your insight! Keep practicing!
    Namaste x


    1. Hello Jacqueline, thank you so much for dropping a lovely comment. Lets keep on practicing and share our progress to inspire other people.
      Have a great day and Namaste!!!


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