Year Starter; Reminders

For sure most of us were able to take a break before the year ended and I believe that most of us are being renewed as 2015 have stepped on. Let us keep it rolling, be reminded and prepared for our paths to a prosperous year.

I just visited my hometown before 2014 ended and indeed there is no such place like home. It is just so sweet to stay on the place where you really belong, where the atmosphere is simply inviting, you feel safe, calm and the most feel relaxed. A high feeling of graciousness embraces you as you escape from the hassles and buzzes of the city,where the wind that you have grown up kisses your skin and you internalized that you deserve to have a sweet moments away from the period of rush, pressures and uncontrolled stress at work. How lovely it is to wake up without the need catch up the time, without the loud pound of your heart as you think of the possibilities of the day.

Being able to take a break, allows your body to rejuvenate, refreshed and be revived. Thus it is vital for a person to spoil oneself at times or indulge oneself into hobbies or leisure. It would be best not to imagine oneself drowning into paper works or on just being a screen sucker throughout the year. Everyone has been blessed with an equal time, surreal  we have to maximize and be productive with the gift of time.  However most people misinterprets maximizing/ being productive with time as working just really hard for the whole day, extending hours at the office and lesser time at  home, for sleep and for the dear ones. In order to be productive there must be a balance with all the aspects of your life, maximize the time by dividing it for the things that you must accomplish, for your loved ones and yourself.


The achievements of our goals and fulfillment of our duties to our dear ones relies vastly on the condition of our body and/or the control of our minds towards our body. If we have a healthy body and mind we can always give our best shot on everything that we do. Attracting positive things by thinking positively, enriching your minds with the books that you will read and by the games that you play and becoming healthy by thinking twice on every food that you will take together with physical activities to keep you fit.

    Keep up with your relatives and friends whenever there are gatherings to maintain smooth relationship but also learn to refuse and prioritize whenever your schedules are on jam. They would understand it for sure, just think first whenever you are invited for the last minute because you might end up catching for your deadlines or more important matters.

Furthermore a harmony for your spiritual and emotional being could be attained by a regular meditation, daily reflection and a pause for internalization before bursting when you are at extremes. Appreciate every single things and think more of the bright side rather than criticizing or complaining all the time. Being negative would just push you into darker areas so, it would always be good if you would just hold on and keep your cheers up.


Be financially wise by understanding the cash flow, prioritizing the needs versus wants and not splurging on the things unplanned. Tabulating the in and out of your money, monitoring your expenses and allocating a percentage for your savings first before making a budget for your necessary expenditures would definitely keep you on track financially throughout the year and probably would surprise you on how much you will gain.

It would be a great year for everyone, we may not know what lies ahead for this brand new year but believe that great things are being reserved for you. Indeed, Dreams  can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. So, continue to look forward, focus on your goals, and welcome this year with a great joy.

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