Anna Sui mini Towel

Got a surprise from a person whom I haven’t met and rarely have an idea about her. It was just so thoughtful of her to think about a lovely idea of surprising me. I couldn’t even memorize her name and  I am always trying to picture her out. She is a Japanese woman, around 60 and a workmate of my dear one, I was just being mentioned by my dear to her once in their random conversation. It was my first to receive a meaningful gift from a stranger, how charming she is. As much that I would like to extend my deepest thanks to her in any ways, unfortunately I just can’t because we do not have her contacts and she doesn’t have any social media accounts. Since I badly want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and cuteness that she made, I am writing this post hoping for a chance that she might read this one someday

Tada here! A signature mini hankie from Anna Sui.


    Honestly, I felt a little bit sorry for myself because I am not that au courant about Anna Sui’s Collection because unfortunately, I haven’t seen any shops of it in my country. With the mixture of vintage styles and cultural obsessions of the Stylist herself Anna Sui, her collections definitely would take you to a galaxy of a unique fashion. Anna is well- equipped with cultural knowledge and style, her unstoppable search for new ideas and challenges making her fashion unparalleled and up-to-date marking an edge in the fashion industry.

Anna SUi towel

   I really like this present that much, aside from being very useful it is just so cute. It looks so hip and feminine with the embroidered flowers on the sides perfectly matched with butterfly in a corner.

Anna Sui

    Making a towel origami suddenly popped into my mind and I never expected that it would turn out beautifully as this.

Anna Sui flower

   What a lovely flower that you can use on any purpose that you want, may it be hygienic purpose or simply for a cute decoration.

Anna Sui flower (2)

    Well, now I am so thankful to her for giving me this present, through this my mind was able to develop a space for Anna Sui. Definitely, I would be grabbing more of Anna Sui’s collection sooner. Right now, I am wondering if you too have some Anna Sui’s favorite collection, I would be very glad if you would spread it with love on my box.



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