Gearing up; Yoga Necessities


Yoga is a way of life; it makes you fit, healthy and at peace. A science and art that brings you tons of benefit and reasons why you should practice it. It is a passion that keeps your fire burning and therefore releases your soul. Nowadays, millions of people around the world are engaged into a fitness campaign and definitely one of the best way to obtain an optimum level of health is having a well-balanced diet, proper lifestyle or perhaps practicing Yoga. People from different walks of life deserves the Yoga experience and benefits. Moreover, whatever walks of life you came from, Yoga is a must try to unify your body, soul and mind. Thus, to get started here are some basic things that you must have to practice yoga comfortably.

Yoga Mat

One of the most important thing that you should have in starting your Yoga Journey. You may have a free access for yoga mats on gym but it is best that you will acquire one, embrace it as your own and bring it anywhere you want. You should not rush on buying a yoga mat; you must choose a mat that is appropriate for your length, eco-friendly, have strong grip and thick or thin enough depending on your yoga practice. Since you will be sweating a lot during the workout you may opt to add a mat towel to avoid slippage. For the color, pick one that you really love since it also motivates you to push for your journey.


Proper Fitness Attire

It is necessary to have a proper attire in all forms of exercise. Fitness attires are designed not just to make you feel sexy or good looking while working out but it do provides a smooth movement for your body. Never wear clothes that are overly sized and are too revealing, not too loose and not too tight just the right fit, to make a free movement for your body. Also, double check if the fabric is breathable and moisture wicking to keep you always on the flow.

yoga attire

 Hair tie

It is an option for you to tie your hair in order to prevent it from covering your face and better from not sticking from the sweat from your face, shoulder and back making you feel neat.

 Hand towel

You may want to wipe your sweat away after the workout or probably while doing it to make you feel dry.

Anna Sui hankie_copy

Yoga Shoes

Yoga practice hundred years ago only requires your soul, body and mind and nothing else. Now, in the modern world of yoga, the use of accessories are being designed for evolution such as the use of yoga mat and now the Yoga shoes. It is not a basic need for yoga but am sure there are also good reasons to have one. Watch this marketing video from Nike and definitely you will desire one and its perhaps its true someday it would become a necessity for yoga.

From nike Studio wrap


When you do workout, you will lose a lot of water in your body thus it is vital to be hydrated and maintain the electrolytes in your body. You may want to have a bottle of water at your side or any energy drink and consume it before getting thirsty.

Learn some yoga vocabulary

Learning and understanding some yoga vocabularies will make you develop a sense of belongingness when you attend a class and when meeting some yogi/yoginis. word cloud_copy

So there you go! Now you are prepared, breathe deeply, keep calm, unify your soul and lets jump start the yoga journey.




5 thoughts on “Gearing up; Yoga Necessities

  1. Great post! I usually practice yoga in a gym class and find that bringing a sweater or some type of cover up is useful during the cool-down at the end…I always get chilly during then! They always have a fan or some type of cooling system on at the gym.

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