In this new era we are loaded tightly than ever before. People aims to have a better and easy life however, some of the advances that were being invented can actually leads us to inactivity and thus nowadays, we are highly exposed to pollution, fast-paced life and lots of stress. We are drawn away from nature and at times we lead ourselves into unhealthy lifestlye causing us to have a poor health.  Due to this, a lot of fitness exercises/styles are arising to promote healthy lifestyle and equilibrium such as Yoga.

Hence with the worldwide trend of yoga as a form of fitness and meditation; an exercise of new yoga style was being developed known as “Bicore”. Bicore is a popular yoga style centering around Tokyo . It was made based on the idea of Zen/Zazen; respecting consistency among body, breath, and mind (“Choshin, Chosoku, Choshin” 調身・調息・調心- one of the training way of Zen). BICORE also puts emphasis on utilizing five senses in the approach. Furthermore, the approach of BICORE covers positive effects from pilates/yoga/fitness like improving an asymmetric pelvis, toning up body trunk, and strengthening muscles in right position. Thus it expected to have a more potent effect for your overall fitness and meditation. Since it utilizes the five senses of our body, it is believed to be an effective way of opening our inner soul to the nature.

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Bicore was founded by Erika Yamaguchi a model, sports trainer and currently a Reebok Ambassador. In 2009, she established a salon in Fukuoka. In 2012 moved the salon to Tokyo, and in the same year was chosen as a finalist of Miss Universe Japan Kyushu Contest. In 2013 Developed an original method (BICORE) and now it has been cultivated by more than 200 instructors of BICORE in Japan, with VIP customers, prestigious athletes and celebrities in Japan. Erika Yamaguchi aspires to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle  and with her creation of Bicore, she aims to share and inspire other people around the globe to obtain optimum fitness with the aid of Bicore.


Recently she went to Philippines and marked her journey to share Bicore, she have collaborated with Atsuko Yamagata a Japanese painter/artist based on Ph who have painted colorful murals and conducted exhibits in Ph and Jp and with Gazan Watanabe a famous and versatile Shakuhachi (traditional end-blown flute made from the root end of a bamboo culm) player in Japan who can produce virtually any pitch from the instrument, and plays a wide repertoire of original Zen music, ensemble music with koto, biwa, and shamisen, folk music, jazz, and other modern pieces. The collaboration was indeed a perfect harmony and they have represented fitness, art and music in a very extraordinary way, it was indeed an eye-opener for everyone.




Lets be fit and do Bicore here is a sample video.

To sum it up, Bicore is a refreshing way for people from any walks of life and specially to those who are into yoga and other forms of exercise. It is one of the best form of activity to consider, it is worth the effort, worth the sweat; it could keep you fit, your mind focused and your soul at ease.

Dig deeper, train harder and know more about Bicore !


 Erika Yamaguchi: Bicore Profile

On her first visit to Philippines, Erika Yamaguchi the founder herself planned to conduct monthly training on Philippines, be updated for Bicore Ph @ TIU Theatre or e-mail @ for Bicore Ph event.

Do you have some favorite Yoga style, how about the thought of Yoga + Zazen? You are welcome to drop some ideas or any thoughts about Yoga on my box. Thanks!



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