Living life with Yoga


Was able to fall for yoga unintentionally last October and am working my way to be better everyday.


I am not that flexible but I always wanted to keep up on each poses and hold still.


My poses aren’t perfect, yet am excited for my future progress.


Yoga has been a part of my life already, it is such a wonderful feeling to jive with the nature, make your soul at peace and be beautiful within!



21 thoughts on “Living life with Yoga

  1. I discovered yoga about a year ago and haven’t looked back! Although my flexibility is hindered due to my weight, Yoga is the only exercise that really makes me feel beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

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    1. Greetings Alyson :). I really agree with that, for me Yoga is one of the best way to move out my muscles, no need for me to visit the gym since I can just do it at home at anytime. let us keep on pushing for it, I am not that flexible before too but with constant practice it was nice to achieve poses that Ive never done before.
      Lets make it a routine and feel beautiful inside out Alyson.
      Thanks for dropping by,

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      1. Awesome. Yay you. I only manage once a week. For a three weeks, I had off from one of the classes I teach, so I was able to get to a second class. But now, I am back to one – except this week is a Holiday (on Wednesday, Veterans Day) so I will be able to get in two classes!

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