There would always be a point in time that a child would daydream about underwater fantasy. Inarguably, for a child’s heart being swayed by the tale of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who wouldn’t be astonished with the thought of a castle underwater, colorful fishes, enchanted ocean and beautiful mermaids. Mermaids live underwater and they are capable to breathe, play and swim deeper in the ocean in contrast with the humans. A lot of people are pondering about their existence though there were sightings but the evidences presented weren’t enough to validate it and until now they are still a mystery.

The first Hans Christian Andersen story book that my mom gave me as a present was “The Little Mermaid”, it was one of my favorite and I kept on reading it over and over again when I was on grade school. Though we were not living near the sea on that time that book ignited the flame of my heart to love the ocean, until we were able to move on a place accessible to the beach. Right then,  I  was always allured by mermaid pictures and films with the beautiful characters who delivers grace while swimming.

mermaid tale

I was wondering if I could be one, but reality as we all know mermaid’s existence isn’t proven. I almost gave up however time and opportunity came that I could advance my swimming hobby into mermaiding. Though I do and adore diving a lot, being a mermaid is such magical experience for me, it is like living your sweet childhood dream.


Based on experience, being able to swim with tails isn’t an easy thing to do, one must have a sensible swimming background to be able to swim gracefully like a real mermaid thus training is vital in becoming a mermaid. I am loving the ocean even more with this experience. Furthermore, I realized that becoming a mermaid isn’t just about having a tail  and being able to swim featly underwater but it is actually about being an advocate to protect, conserve and save the marine diversity.

This video marks my magical journey as a mermaid,am so much inspired to become a mermaid with a splendid grace and for that, I wanted to extend my love and gratitude to Mermaid Roxy Barrios of Mermaid Institute 


Dive with love, swim with the flow, be a mermaid and color your life the most!

Ever dreamed of being a mermaid too? Mermaiding gives you a lot of health benefit! Just Feel free to drop some insights ^^.


Mermaid Arlene

21 thoughts on “Mermaid

    1. Yeah, me too and am so grateful about it. I am not that good yet but I promise myself to train:) You should try this one too, its challenging but wonderful!


  1. O to the m to the g, my blig’s being read by a REAL mermaid? 🙂
    The captain on my Vessel of Horror kept threatening to put is one of those mermaid suits which he kept in a cupboard somewhere… Me and the other crew members didn’t feel much for ending up as one of his lil’ videos for ‘private use’.
    Great work-out though! I try to do the metmaid move whenever I snorkel/dive, it’s not as easy as it seems. You are doing it way more graceful than I’d ever could… 🙂
    Nice blog!

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    1. Hello pianlouise 😀 oh I wish I could have a real tail and have the ability to breathe longer underwater. Oh you should try wearing the monofin coz its really nice and it is such a great work-out!!!


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