Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello faeries, got this Beautiful Blogger award and am so delightful to receive it.Well, it has been months that I haven’t posted due to transitions that I went through.This nomination from Marlene of myfashionandbeautytales has been one of my motivation to be back and keep on rolling, thank you so much Marlene : )

So, for the rules!

Link the blogger who nominated you
List seven random things about yourself

Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers and

Notify the wonderful people you will nominate.

My seven facts:

1. I am on my 20’s and wanted to do a lot of things.

1. I love collecting make-ups but I don’t usually use it.

2. I love wearing dress but am most comfortable with jeans.

3. I am the only girl in the siblings of three and feels great coz I still grew up girly.

4. As I age, the number of hobbies that I have is decreasing, needed to prioritize.

5. I am a home gal and partying is discovering another world for me.

6. For me, Bear is the cutest animal the world.

7. Would love to save up conquer the world with joy.

I nominate the following bloggers for this award:

1. howtobemyself


3. carbonandpearls

4. beginnerbeaute

5. stylingtheinside

6. sincerelyashxx

7. beautyhacking

download (2)

My deepest regards and thanks to Marlene for giving me the opportunity to be nominated on this precious Beautiful Blogger Award.

Hugs and kisses,


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