“Planned to have a one day trip but went extending to an island that you can’t say no to have a glimpse of all.”

Loved sweets, honey or chocolates? Then this island fits for you. A place where you can see hills of chocolates perfectly made and uniformly shaped by nature. You can visit here at any season but it is during summer that you can actually taste it at its best. This is the island where you can spot the breast formed hills that are usually covered with grass but turns chocolate brown during summer, thus popularly known as the “Chocolate Hills”. Not only that, there are many activities here that you can swing with like river cruise, conquering your fear of heights through zip-line adventures, saying hi to the cute creatures who adds more splendor and meaning to the  nature. Furthermore, if you are longing, dipping yourself in a crystal-clear water, don’t hesitate, be confident, flaunt your beach outfit, breathe, jump and swim on their tempting beaches! Oh my, there is a lot to enumerate but I would just give you a breakdown of our experience and a reminder to bring extra-clothes if you are planning on a one day trip because for sure, when you’ve gone there, it would give you seconds thoughts leaving!Tagbilaran, Panglao Island, Loboc River, Bee Farm, Butterfly Sanctuary, Tarsier, Chocolate Hills, Ship Haus, Prony, Zipline,

Though the weather on the first day of our trip didn’t cooperate but still we had the best trip ever.

Wanted to share your thoughts about Bohol? Don’t hesitate to drop it here.

Happy travels

12 thoughts on “Bohol

    1. Hello there 🙂
      It is in Bohol Island, Philippines> I hope that you could visit there one day:) Theres a lot to explore and it has a beautiful scenery.


      1. You are welcome for that 🙂 I hope you could have a wonderful travel here someday. And of course, if you’ve got some questions about Ph, just feel free to drop, I would be willing to share details about my homeland:) .


      1. Thank you. I didn’t even think of it from that perspective that if you look good on the outside people assume you are good in the inside and fail to appreciate how unwell or how much pain somebody might be going through. We make way too many assumptions in life and I’m as guilty as the next person but I’m trying to widen my eyes a bit so thank you for your comment.

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