Tour Tagaytay

Ever thought of escaping from the hassles and city buzzes of your city or probably just wanted to get closer and have a scenic view of a volcano in the middle of a lake with a crater filled water? Well, Tagaytay would be one of the most accessible place to escape from Manila where you can breathe fresh air, feel the earth, be adventurous, eat, meditate and . embrace a view of this unique Taal volcano. With just some few hours away from Philippines Capital City, I am sure you wouldn’t regret to add it on your bucket list.

Touchdown: Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Got there through:

  •   Crow Transit corner Taft Ave & EDSA, below MRT Taft Avenue station
  • Alight Tagaytay Rotonda

Hang around:

  • Jeepney, Tricycle

Wandered at:

  • People’s Park in the Sky – spectacular view of Taal Volcano, the most famous attraction in the area located on the highest point
  • Picnic Grove – terrific place for picnic, zipline, horseback riding

14 thoughts on “Tour Tagaytay

  1. I went here this summer and did the boat ride & horse ride to Taal volcano as well! It was an incredible day trip from Manila! Thanks for sharing these stunning photos!


  2. What beautiful photographs, as a geography graduate this place would be absolutely fascinating to me. If I am lucky enough to go travelling one day this will definitely be on my list, thank you for sharing it!

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  3. Hey! I’ve been there! Its so beautiful. I had a cousin who was looking to invest in condos overlooking the volcano! I didn’t think it was a good investment in the long run. Still one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Thanks for posting the pics and stimulating the memory!

    Best wishes


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