Aerial Hoops; Aerial Love

Nowadays a lot of people are getting more involved into fitness and getting conscious about their health. With all the technologies evolving these days, driving us to be inactive, who wouldn’t feel guilty being stuck without having an active lifestyle?


The aerial hoop also known as cerceau/cerceaux, lyra or aerial ring is a round steel apparatus  suspended from the ceiling. It could be static, spinning or swinging on which artists may perform different aerial acrobatics or tricks.


Aerial hoops could build your core, makes you stronger, enhance your flexibility, boost your confidence and makes you so artistic. The moment you hang yourself in the hoop, ride on it and spin it, the experience will just blow you away!


It is difficult to start and climb up, but as you train you will get used to it. Thus, when you were able to make a trick or perform some poses, you’ll get addicted to it pushing you to do more! Flexibility is an advantage for you to achieve a beautiful pose.


Definitely, it is one of the best form of fitness that I fell in loved with, what  more can I ask if I could free myself up in the air with my muscles bending, stretching and being artsy with the music. Oh, am really wishing to have my own hoops someday and live everyday like being on a circus.




What is your favorite avenue to fitness? Please feel free to share as we strive for fitness. I’ll be posting my progress and can’t wait to know yours!

With all the strength and love,


27 thoughts on “Aerial Hoops; Aerial Love

  1. As a retired fitness instructor and personal trainer I have to say….COOL! I’m pursuing my love of art now, I only do fitness for my own benefit, but with your permission I would love to draw one of your pictures. I love the hoop and the graceful quality of the fitness participant–is that you?

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    1. Oh, hello there Joanna 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and am really honored to receive your comment and I salute you for being a fitness instructor and for pursuing your art. Yes Joanna, that is me and I enjoy every moment that I climb on it. Sure no problem for that, it’s my pleasure and I’ll be following you and wish to see output for it. Thank you so much!


    1. Hello faith. You must try it too. I had this one in Manila Philippines, right now, I am thinking about purchasing hoop unit online, since We dont have it near my area too. I will be sending you some links about it as soon as I can find.
      thanks faith

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    1. Hello there Sir Ledgardo, 🙂 , oh I am so honored to receive your comment. It is so inspiring to know that you were engaged in different sports and thus making your way to Mr. Philippines. I think it the road to that competition isn’t that easy, you deserve it. I love the aerial ring so much, unfortunately here in Cebu we do not have a school for it yet but am really looking forward to build my own studio someday.. Need to goal for it and crossing fingers.
      Thanks sir Ledgardo


    1. Hello Chelly, that is amazing! I do silks too, it is so much fun but am not a master of it. Sure, let us collaborate with that!! Would love to contact you regarding that , to collaborate our ideas and share it!!!


  2. In England we have a class called power hooping! I love it to keep fit. You move with a weighted hoop strengthening your core and testing your co ordination! Fab post by the way! X

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