6 Ways to Look Kawaii

Most of  girls who are in their 20’s and up are paving their way to career and self-development. Thus probably wearing their high heels, formal clothes , uniforms to look pleasing and to attract opportunities. Well, it is a norm for everyone and it would make someone a total grown up!  As their journey goes,  that fashion idea would be carried lifetime and it would come to an instance that they would feel that they won’t look any younger at all. Well it not too late, and it isn’t a problem why not have a twist on style and look Kawaii?

Check these ways:


1. Wear a light/natural looking make-up, conceal dark areas of your face, neatly shape your eyebrows, apply some blushes for a  glow and don’t forget to wear a pink shade of lipstick. Bun your hair and smile!


2. Accessorize!  Take off your usual necklace or accessories and experiment on ones that you’ve kept on box for a long time.


3. Have a pair of comfortable sneakers or any shoes that would compliment your clothes. Your feet would be glad to have a break from those tiring heels.


4. Wear a pastel colored fluffy dress/skirt and feel playful about it.


5. Behave courteously, politely, be humble, kind, always be cheerful and bubbly.


6. Release the stress and pressure from whatever it is, have the positive vibes. Your mind controls everything in you, reminisce the wonderful things of your youth, be refreshed, feel beautiful and youthful inside out!

Dress: Frugal Nymph

Photographer: Releria Kimura– > click for her page

HMUA: Truly Yours

Do you have any kawaii looks, inspirations or tips to share? Feel free to drop it on my box and let us spread the youth inside us!



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