Beauty Blending Season


Let time runs,  feel beautiful with the sweetness of  a beauty blending season.


Got this look inspired by the bliss bringing atmosphere of November. Who wouldn’t be tempted to dress up with the calmness generating season of speaking leaves and rushing winds.


November is a comfortable season for everyone to style up, whether to be trendy or to simply feel comfortable. Moreover, I believe that it depends on your mood too! A single leaf turns into a flower during fall and this blue floral dress always reminds me how leaves blossom like a flower on  fall .


Heels and boots could never go wrong but wearing simple flats could be uplifting! The crispness of the fallen leaves.


Tried up-do my hair and it turns out classy plus an artsy twist on my back, definitely it is my perfect November!

Do you have your favorite fall-inspired look or fashion? Oh, I am more than willing to be inspired with your looks, don’t hesitate to share it on my box below.

Hugs and kisses,


50 thoughts on “Beauty Blending Season

      1. Oh thank you so much. That is really true, I haven’t posted regularly for the past months. Am very happy to be in touched again too 🙂 happy Sunday and have a great weekday soon

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    1. hello there Naushi 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and considering my blog. I just migrated my free hosted WordPress blog to self hosting and have my own domain. Only the contents could be migrated, so I lost my followers. Anyway, I’m looking forward to grow and work hard for this site now, crossing fingers ^^.
      Have a great day Naushi!!!!
      Have a great new year


      1. Hey Arlene ,I am sure there’s a way to retain the followers when you move from free to self hosted domain.
        Please talk to the developers at wordpress and they will aid you .I would hate to see someone like you having to start from scratch when you had probably hundreds if not thousands of followers already gathered.
        Good luck ,my finger are crossed for you too.

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      2. Oh … Thanks a lot for your advise Naushil!!! I’ll try talking to contact them…
        Really thanks a lot..
        Cheers and have a blessed site too!!!


    1. Hello there.:) Thank you so much! For a starter, you have an amazing blog and informative posts too. Welcome to the blogging world and am sure you would inspire a lot of audience here.
      Sure, I would be willing to share it to you.
      I would create a post for it and I would link it to you..
      Thanks a lot for dropping here:)
      Have a great day and you are always beautiful!!

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    1. Hello Evengsan:)
      Ohhhh that is so lovely to hear!
      Thanks a lot for taking time to view my posts:)
      I super love your styles too!
      have a great day Evengsan and have a blast!


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