Love the Beach

Island Life

It is just so sweet to stay in the place where you really belong. Where the atmosphere is simply inviting; you feel safe, calm, and relaxed. A high feeling of graciousness embraces you as you escape from the hassles and buzzes of the city. Where the wind that you have grown up kisses your skin and makes you realize that you deserve to have sweet moments away from the period of rush, pressures, and stress from work. How lovely it is to wake up without the need to catch up time and without the loud heart pumping, as you think of possibilities of the day. Living on an island, makes you feel blessed every day. Life is simple and there is no need to catch up with the fast-paced world trends.

Underwater Fascination

I live in a country made up of 7, 500 islands. Thus, I have all the opportunities to spend breaks hopping islands, basking beaches, and enjoying tropical breezes. In front, you can see the sea and when you turn to he other side, you can see the mountain. You can choose what to do, either to spend your breaks in the sea or on the mountain. Growing here and being motivated by someone, makes me more attached with the salty ocean waters. Who would not love it? It offers unfathomable depths and colorful creatures. It is a different world and there are lots of creatures to chase.

Ocean Awareness

I am one of those people, who are captivated by the wonders of the ocean. However, with the process of industrialization sooner or later, its beauty will fade. I wanted to share its wonders through this blog and to raise awareness with the things that we could do to preserve it. Thus, giving back to the ocean the fulfillment and relaxation that it brings.

3 thoughts on “Love the Beach

    1. That is very true ashton.:) The beach has a lot of negative ions that scientifically relieves the stress away from our body. I just cant live without the beach.
      Your blog is awesome!

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