Hello and Welcome Back !

You might wonder that before this post comes to farewell post for this blog. Actually, I was able to do self-hosting with my nurtured blog http://www.arlinspires.com. However, I felt disappointed because the hosting site where I purchased unlimited hosting was gone like a wind. Thus, I don’t have access to my nurtured blog anymore. Can you imagine how disappointing it is when your own properties and content suddenly vanished? Well, terrible, but I promised myself not to be affected by it that much. I believe that I could start again and reacquire a self-hosted site sooner or later. I think I am being scammed. Moving on, I am reviving this blog for me to have a continuous word outlet. I am currently working this out. So, pardon me if the prior posts were jumbled. The prior posts were mostly personal, which I made during my younger years.
As of now, I am working on the menu and am trying to retrieve better articles that I could hopefully post on the succeeding days.
I am currently organizing content and making post schedules. You can expect updates every Friday, Wednesday, and Saturday or probably any days of the week. I am so determined to make a progress with this site and to work best this time.
This time, you can look forward with Beach Fridays, Wanderlust Wednesday, and Soul Sunday. I am so excited to interact with you guys. See you and thanks for dropping by.

Sun kisses,

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