Hello and Welcome Back !

You might wonder that before this post comes to farewell post for this blog. Actually, I was able to do self-hosting with my nurtured blog http://www.arlinspires.com. However, I felt disappointed because the hosting site where I purchased unlimited hosting was gone like a wind. Thus, I don’t have access to my nurtured blog anymore. Can you imagine how disappointing it is when your own properties and content suddenly vanished? Well, terrible, but I promised myself not to be affected by it that much. I believe that I could start again and reacquire a self-hosted site sooner or later. I think I am being scammed. Moving on, I am reviving this blog for me to have a continuous word outlet. I am currently working this out. So, pardon me if the prior posts were jumbled. The prior posts were mostly personal, which I made during my younger years.
As of now, I am working on the menu and am trying to retrieve better articles that I could hopefully post on the succeeding days.
I am currently organizing content and making post schedules. You can expect updates every Friday, Wednesday, and Saturday or probably any days of the week. I am so determined to make a progress with this site and to work best this time.
This time, you can look forward with Beach Fridays, Wanderlust Wednesday, and Soul Sunday. I am so excited to interact with you guys. See you and thanks for dropping by.

Sun kisses,

One thought on “Hello and Welcome Back !

  1. That’s the spirit!! Thank you for taking notice of Aloha Promises Forever and liking our quote there about beauty being about discovery. I was looking at your site and got a DNS when I tried to check out your own domain. Sorry to hear that opportunity didn’t work out well for you. But way to go in picking up and carrying on!! We hope you’ll revisit us often in that there may be other quotes, stories, poems and articles in the future that may be interesting to you as well. I lived in The Philippines long, long ago. So, who knows, maybe there will be a series of poems on nature there or something soonish. Mahalo and Aloha, Michael Romani for Aloha Promises Forever


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