Mermaiding Journey

Talking about the fairytale, most would think about castles, princesses, and happily ever after but for some, it always means being a mermaid. Who would not be fascinated with mermaids? They have their colorful tails, ability to breath underwater, and unlimited chance to explore the mysterious ocean depths. Surely it would always make every land creatures envy. Way back, a lot of people thought that mermaids couldn’t be real; however, these days mermaids sightings could be just so possible. Just keep on reading… I can feel that you could be one too.

Mermaids, they were once a myth, written on a storybook, and played in a movie. Now that you are a grown-up, you do not believe that much, do you? But, probably you still got at least 1 to 2 % of faith on their existence. So, let us trigger your faith and fulfill that inner fantasy. Mermaids can be real. We are real! So, practice your gills and let us swim.

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Mermaiding is a complex form of swimming, which requires you to wear mermaid tails before dipping into the water. Same goes with swimming, it offers a bunch of benefits. It is an ideal workout for circulation and respiration. Furthermore, it washes away stress, conditioning not only your body but also your mind. Aside from improving your overall health, it is a channel in achieving a gorgeous physique. Reminder, it is not an ordinary form of swimming, your feet will be transformed into a tail and you really have to manage yourself underwater with your core. Thus, this is a perfect workout to tone muscles and build strength.


I started my mermaid journey at Mermaid Institute where I had the class in a pool. It was tough and awkward with the tail on. I swam like a worm at first. But fortunately, I adjusted and made it through. That experience and the underwater thoughts made me crave for more. So, I purchased my own tail, did it in the open water and got mermaid certified on the heavenly islands of Boracay with Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Just like magic, I didn’t expect that I would reach that dream quickly. I found my channel to fitness while fulfilling my dreams.

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If I was able to catch my first starfish, why won’t you? Surely, you will find this as a fun way to shape up. Not just for girls, but for everyone. Feel free to drop your underwater thoughts and I would love to chat with you.


I want to send starfishes to the Merman too for sending me to the ocean. A check on my bucket list.

Summer kisses!


16 thoughts on “Mermaiding Journey

    1. Hello there mermaidinthenight:) When you start a mermaid certification, only basic swimming skill is required. Different levels comes with different skills. On level 3, you must learn free diving skills is requirement. There are also specialized courses as scuba mermaid and this requires a dicing license.
      Free diving skills are not being thought on mermaid classes, as for me.. I just tried to learn it on my own. Yes, I only do swimming and scuba diving. Would you like to try it also?
      You will surely love it. Thanks for dropping your queries mermaidinthenight. I hope I was able to address your question. Anyway, summer sunshine to you.

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      1. My pleasure!!:) yes you should! Mermaiding is also a great form of hobby. Oh, am glad to hear that news. I am excited for your underwater adventures!


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