Lovely Things to do in Camotes

The year has just started but who wouldn’t look forward to summer? I believe that everyone does!  The sands glittering on your feet and the ocean breeze kissing your face are great summer thoughts. It is so inviting and very relaxing to imagine. Well, let us make it real. It isn’t early to plan for summer! So grab your pen, be inspired, and add this island on your list.

Save on your hotel -

CAMOTES. Coined after the Filipino term for Sweet potatoes, as natives were farming “Kamote” when Spaniards came across the four islands of Poro, Tudela, Pilar and San Francisco. Approximately 2 hours from the mainland, definitely it is worth the drop when your wandering soul takes you to Cebu.


Small but Got it All

Am pretty amazed that this group of islands could give you a bunch of adventures. Whatever your beach style is am sure that you could flaunt it here. Whether you just wanted to relax by the shore, stroll in the sands, snorkel, and scuba dive or even do cliff diving; Camotes has a variety of resorts for that.


The long shoreline of Santiago bay pulls a number of crowds, especially on holidays. White sands, clear waters, and scenic, plainly gorgeous and free! Here, you can find affordable accommodations few steps from the bay, restaurants right on the beach with a bit of nightlife existence in its serenity. Thus, you can relax, immerse with the locals and enjoy without worrying costs.

Anyway, if you wanted to be private, then you should be spending your day on resorts at Mangodlong.


Be sure to wear your bikini. Sunbathe whole day and get tanned, nobody cares!


Mangodlong is famous for its rock formation, where you can just jump off and swim like a mermaid with the delightful fishes, a perfect spot for snorkeling.


Do you love jumping? How about cliff diving? I’m a chicken when it comes to diving off the ocean, no matter how shallow or deep it is.  But for you who find happiness in diving off the cliff, you should be spoiling yourself on Buho Rock Resort. High Tide or Low Tide, you can jump anytime plus a choice of its height. On my previous visit, I saw a Japanese girl who jumped from the highest cliff headfirst and woah, she was just so brave, it was so cool, I salute her, I think she is a pro!

Watersports are also being offered at different resorts plus they can guide you on some diving shops.

Motorbike in a Day

Camotes is not only known for its wonderful beaches but also for their enchanting caves. Please don’t miss spelunking on their caves with different levels of difficulty. Timubo, Bukilat, Paraiso, and Giwanon caves offer cold waters a good place to dip down after a sunny ride. It isn’t difficult to get in and out of the cave since the locals are developing stairs. Furthermore, if you wanted a taste of thrill then you shouldn’t miss, you should try and must put Holy Crystal Cave on your bucket list. A brave heart and stamina are required. Explore the cave that gets narrower when you go deeper and farther. Just how amazing it is you’ll see different formations of stalactites and stalagmites as you go back and forth into the man-sized cave. Moreover, it is such an honor to be guided by the cave’s founder, right? Definitely, he could explain the history of the cave well, the crystal formations and so on. He is very kind not to collect entrance/guide fee just purely donations from the gears that he have provided. Why Holy? It is for you to find out.

More Water

You can feel nature at its best here. Rent a Kayak and feel the gentle waves taking you over. Don’t forget to look around too! Birds are watching you over.



One of the best things to end your day is to feel the nature. In Camotes, you can find a perfect spot where you can fall in love and witness the amazing sunset.


Spending the sunset on the beach is our favorite part. It was solemn, breathtaking, and simply romantic.

The sands were friendly and white. I love to play with it. I know he doesn’t like the sands to be messed up on his skin.


Do you want to experience a wonderful summer getaway? Try to visit this island and I am sure that you will enjoy it. If you have questions and thoughts to share. Do not hesitate to drop it in my box below.

Happy sunshine and sumer kisses all year!


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    1. Yeah sure, it summer here all seasons though. One week would be enough, pretty sure you can explore the whole island within a day or three then you can have plenty of time to relax on the beach side.
      Summer hugs,

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