Spending the Lenten Season

What is it on the Lenten season? For some, it is just an ordinary season and just nothing special. Some people are even highly excited for the Holy Week to come because finally, they could take a long break, it’s a long holiday! How about you? Did you plan to do something for this Holy week? I think the answers are mostly yes. Going on for a trip, swimming, or how about a picnic? For Christians, I think it’s best to visit the church and pray.

Holy week is the last week of Lenten it comprises Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. It comes before Easter Sunday. In this week many believers of Christ around the world commemorate the death of Jesus through different traditions. There are some people who offer sacrifices which could wash away their sins. There are some who even carry a heavy cross and nail themselves on it, just like what Christ did to save his children from evil. It is all about experiencing the burden that Christ did and at the same time a thanksgiving for his suffering to save humanity.

We may celebrate the holy week in our own special ways. However, no matter how we spend our Lenten break, it is a time for us to have a pause, breathe, and reflect God’s love to us. Spend time with family, release some prayers, and give thanks for all the wonderful gifts that you received in your life. In this way, we would be forever blessed! It is always true that family that prays together stays forever.

Have a blessed week!


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