Hippie Things to do in Canggu, Bali

If you are waves at heart, you should not skip Canggu on your on your Bali trip.

As you enter one of its streets, the fresh scent of fields welcomes you with calmness. You might think that you are almost heading to a mountaintop and getting farther from the sea. However, your first impression from the green rural road suddenly changes into a dramatic surfer’s hideaway. Located in South Bali, it is just about 20 minutes ride from Seminyak. A day or more is absolutely worthwhile to feel at ease with nature and to fulfill a hippie dream beside the sea. Moreover, this is a place where you can stay for weeks or months to learn surfing like a pro. Canggu associated with surfing; however, it has a lot to offer and I listed some of it here to guide you on your visit.
Surf all your days

Canggu = Waves

So, the reason why you would want to stay here is because of its waves plus its peppy atmosphere. The waves here are strong; therefore, if you are not that good in swimming you must take caution, as it is quite dangerous. There are lots of surfing schools and board rental shops on the seaside.
Head to the beach with your swimmies or surfing outfit then let the waves handle your day. Once in, you do not want to get out!

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With its peaceful road and neighborhood, it is so safe to drive here. Rent a bike for about 50,000- 60,000 Rupiah, then explore the village. Although developments have been made in this village, nature remains intact. Feel the breeze as you drive and do not afraid to get lost. It may seem far for one of your destinations but learn how to take detours. You will get on the innermost part of the village, wave with the locals, and have fun!

Be blessed in Tanah Lot

With the adventures that you made and planning to take, do not forget to experience Hindu blessings. Tanah Lot Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine and is one of the most important Landmarks of Bali. Grab the opportunity to get here since it is just a few minutes away from Canggu. With an entrance fee of 60,000 Rupiah, you would have the pleasure to enjoy its scenic view, unfold its sacred story, and go home with grace.

Dine and Jam
Are you hungry or just wanted to chill? Well, there are lots of trending cafés in Canggu. A heavy meal, a cup of coffee, or a bottle of beer, am sure you will love to stay and savor with each café’s ambiance and style.

Appreciate Murals
I was not expecting for this, but in Canggu, you will love to strike a pose with the creative murals. Who would not want to? Beachy, colorful, creative, and of course insta-worth it! Viola! It is perfect for your OOTD.

Catch a food
Hmmmm. As the saying goes, a good food comes from hard work. What is more delicious than eating the fresh fruits of your labor? Experience a  lifestyle.
Walk to Fisherman’s beach with your rod and go fishing! Catch some shrimps and more! Then if you are lucky, then you will have a well-deserved fresh and juicy seafood supper.

Sunset Chill
Relax your soul after a tiring day on the beautiful sunset of Canggu. The sound of the waves and the orange fading daylight would surely make you dramatic and at the same time grateful. Breathe deeply and nourish your soul as the sun starts to sleep, this would surely complete your day.

Relax in a Spa

Come on, everyone needs this! Your body needs a spa treatment to relax and rejuvenate. It must be a tiresome day under the sun but you will be revived when you try one of Canggu’s mindful Spa.

A romantic date

Take your special someone for a date on the Echo beach. The setting and the background would surely make you both fall in love.

Be athletic
I am sorry for I actually miss this one! I have found out that one of the world’s famous golf course is located here. Unfortunately, I was not able to get here. Well, if you are a gold enthusiast. You wouldn’t miss this one, right?

Do you have any plans about visiting Canggu someday or maybe you already have a Bali experience? Feel free to share your link or experiences in my box. I am much willing to hear your stories.

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