Boracay Island Activities to Include on Your List

The pure white sands, sun-filled activities, perfect sunset, nightlife fun, international vibes, and simply everything. Who wouldn’t be captivated by one of the world’s popular beaches Boracay? But probably it is contrary to what it looked like 10 years ago; long, wide, white shoreline, crystal clear waters, unpopulated, and not even a piece of garbage I guess.

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Moving on, everything is still wonderful! The white beach, coconut trees, boats, ocean waves, sea breeze, sunset, island music, plus the people from different races, would surely give you a dose of a perfect summer. I think everyone deserves to have a perfect summer getaway. If you are a person who loves the nature and could flow with the crowd, definitely this is one of your islands. However, for those who want to experience peace, don’t worry, this island could also offer you that.


This island’s shoreline is too long, that it was divided into 3 stations. Station 1 and 2 offers a lot of restaurants, beachside souvenirs, and beach bums. While station 3 brings lesser crowd, simplicity, and peace.

Without any idea about those stations, we were lucky to choose an accommodation at station 3. Most of the boats are being parked here an easy access to the deep part of the sea and we are so happy because we love diving and snorkeling. We actually stayed at Dive Gurus, which is also a diving boutique, and we were so happy because whenever someone is scheduled to dive, guests can borrow snorkel gears including fins and ride the boat for free. Yes for free, so amazing right? How much you will spend if you book for island hopping and rent snorkel and fins. It would cost around 600 USD.


Okay, let us start, what welcomes you? There is a long shore with white sands and an intimately inviting ocean. Tell me if you could resist. Just go ahead and spoil yourself. Reminder, before that adrenaline rush drives you into the crystal waters, check in first. The flocks of the crowd may want you to settle and secure your things first.

Traveling would not be complete without sun-filled activities. Aside from swimming, an island experience would not be complete without other sun-filled activities. Go parasailing, braid your hair or try being a mermaid for a day. Name beach activities, probably everything are here. You may want to read my mermaid story here.


In the afternoon, your energy might be drained. Please, do not stroll away; you would regret not to see the heart-melting sunset of Boracay.



So, where would you go when the sunset is off and everything gets dark? Chill and stay on the beachside. Your energy will be regained after watching the sunset. Wait for the tables and the music baffles to be prepared. After that, it is time to have a bountiful dinner and keep the energy flowing at night.

To sum it up Boracay is party, eat, swim, sunset, and repeat.

What is the beach that you visited recently? Any stories that you want to tell? Feel free to link it on my box below and I am more than willing to wander on your blog.

Summer Kisses,


10 thoughts on “Boracay Island Activities to Include on Your List

      1. Well I am within a 2 kms from sea and river! Naturally we neglect whats there in our backyard! 😁 In southern part of India its always the summer heat.. so basically people dont do much of fun in the sun activities.. However we have a excellent location called Goa nearby and once in a while we make a trip for fun part.. Search for Goa under my blog you will find a post about that.


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