One-stop Dive Botique; Dive Guru Boracay Hotel Review

You may have read my post regarding our Boracay visit.

Anyway, let me feature Dive Guru here of station 3, for the awesome experience and service that they gave. Well, if you love riding a boat, swimming to the deep, and kissing the fishes, you should book this accommodation.

dive guru

Save on your hotel -

Dive Guru is actually a diving boutique, offering diving and accommodation package. A diver or not, you will have a great stay here.

Can you imagine? Whenever there is a diving schedule for other guests or walk-in clients; the in-house guests can borrow snorkel, fins and ride the boat for free.


It is super amazing! Most of the boats are also parked here which is an easy access for island hopping.


Just imagine how much you will spend if you will book for island hopping that would cost around 31 USD plus the rental of snorkel gears around 10 USD.

Indeed, staying at Dive Guru was relaxing and cost-saving. I hope you can experience Dive Guru as well. You can check, compare the rates, and book it through hotels combined. You can also click the image below for you to find great hotel deals in Boracay.

Summer Kisses,


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