Deus Ex Machina Canggu; a Holistic Bar and Life Shop

Just like a child’s feeling with the thoughts Disneyland, our excitements are overflowing and we cannot contain it. I have mentioned Deus Ex Machina on my previous post about the 10 things to do in Canggu. However, this café is just so good and I cannot resist writing a separate post. Why so special? Well, talking about jaw dropping, head turner, custom-made, classical motorbikes, you can find super cool collections here.

Furthermore, this café does not only revolve around the world of bike enthusiasts. Deus makes everything and it is for everyone. From motorbikes to surfboards, posters, accessories, outfits, and artworks, there is so much to see! Grooming? No problem, they also have a barbershop. Moreover, let me highlight the FOOD and DRINKS, your cravings will be surely satisfied with their sumptuous meal. Oh! How about a funky party night with colorful music and lively vibes? I am sure you will love it! With only a few shops all over the world, grab the opportunity to visit this shop whenever you are in Bali.

Let us make it rolling and let me drizzle you with experiences from the Temple of Enthusiasm

What welcomes you?

A full parking area on happy hours, but of course you will be very well accommodated and be given a slot. Based on this impression you would not hesitate to think that DEUS is really handsome and would not wonder why he has a lot of visitors. Most of the times, the restaurant is full, so just have patience while waiting for a table if you do not have a reservation.


A Lifestyle Shop

Is it an ordinary shop? No way! Can I call it a museum instead? The displays are just so unique and I believe that every design was made with an artful heart. You would wish to bring home one of their motorcycle, surfboards, t-shirts, and just everything.


Wait it is addictive, so I would share a secret that we took home this customized glass mat and a match as a souvenir.

IMG_8909 (1)

Art Exhibit

It comes with a surprise; a step from another door will take you to the works of Saskia Koerber. The exhibit showcases the feminine spirit of the single fin girls who portrays surfing passion. You will appreciate the glow of her arts. Furthermore, memorize the angles and emotions in the pictures. I am sure that it would help on your next Instagram surfing pose.

Satisfying Meals and Drinks

Are you hungry after shopping? Well, you deserve a very nice delicious treat! They have a very nice ambiance, delicious foods, and thirst quenching drinks. Try their steak and it would just melt in your mouth. Their service is pretty good also; they have very accommodating and friendly staffs. So, it will make you dine again on the next day. They also have free drinks or buy 1 take 1 promotions, just browse their FB page and get updated.


IMGP0218 (1)



Jam and Play

Is your soul looking for a chill? Join one of their Sunday sessions and be carried away with the music plus the vibrant crowd. Do not hesitate to move your body and enjoy every beat. After the night, you will step out the vicinity of Deus Ex Machina with a youthful energy and a big smile painted on your face.

They operate 7 days a week from 8 to 10 pm.

Location: Jalan Batu Mejan No.8, Canggu, 80361 Bali, Indonesia

Phone number: +62 361 368 3386


Check out their sites and pages.

Would you love to visit Canggu? Oh, please do not miss Deus Ex Machina. Let me know your Canggu thoughts or Bali  experiences in my box.

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Summer Kisses,


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