Planning for Malapascua Island Ph? Read This!

It is quite far and heading there takes some patient, but who would not grab risks and endure the butt heat while transporting, when soon you will be rewarded with a mesmerizing paradise? As my one told me, the way to a beautiful island is not always easy,  because they are precious. People who get to experience them are the ones who only deserve them. They are hard to get because they are teaching people that effort comes with a fruit. Moreover, it would help you value your hard work and appreciate the island more.


Save on your hotel -

Remember the feeling when you are opening a gift? Well, it is quite the same or maybe more than that. When the boat is about to reach the port, the turquoise crystal clear water would want to make you jump. Plus, you can see lots of birds flying, making you wonder if they are migratory birds or local birds having a fest with the fishes.

IMGP2271 (1)

The island is quiet and laid-back. During our visit we noticed that the crowd usually hits the beach during happy hours from 4:00-6:00 pm. So probably, during the quiet times, people are gone island hopping, snorkeling, or diving.


Regarding the costs, we stayed near bounty beach, and the prices are quite well. However, if you wanted to stay longer and save more, there are lots of dormitories offers ranging from 6-8 dollars a day.


For the food, the beachside restaurants offer reasonable prices also. But, if you want some island hacks, you might not like to spend it there all the time. Find a local barbecue shop and eat with locals. Head to Ging-gings, the prices are cheap, a lot of foreigners eat there, and they’ve got potentials.

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Moving on, the easiest way to tour around the island is through a motorbike. You can have it with a driver or rent it on your own. However, it is better to book a boat!

IMGP2455 (1)

Snorkelling is such a happy pill here. There are just a lot of fishes and taking selfies with are just easy. The waters are clear and the fishes seem domesticated, but of course it always depend on the weather.

G0573973 (1)


Finally, the highlight! The thresher shark is just the top reason why this island is being flocked with tourists around the world. Yes sharks, they are not harmful unless you will show them a bad move. Isn’t it actually amazing to observe how creatures behave under the sea? Especially with the sharks, they are one of the world’s most vulnerable species. It is an opportunity to see them, before they go extinct.

G0674275 (1)

17888442_271670519957853_2005698510_n (1)

If you love the beach and wanted to mingle with the fishes? Hit your thoughts in my box below. I would love to discuss the ocean with you. Also, if you have questions about Malapascua, just feel free to drop it.

Summer Kisses and Love,


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