Khaosan Road, BKK; Some Things to Know and Expect

A backpacker’s haven as it is; the Khaosan Road is a place that you should not miss with your Bangkok trail. This road is widely popular amongst traveler who loves assimilating with culture and enjoying the local vibes. Moreover, this place is packed with guesthouses, café’s, shops, and any hippie things that you can think of.

However, Khaosan is not just your ordinary road, it actually played a big role in Thailand’s history. Have you ever wondered how it was named? Khaosan means ‘’milled rice’’ it was called that way because it was once a rice market. So, before it was being flocked with travelers from different nations, it was a hub for the locals.

IMGP1695 (1)
Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.comMoving on, it became a travel information center in Thailand. Backpackers started to crowd the place. Once, it was also known as a dirty place with lots of bugs, trash, and dirt. Well, it brought a bad image about Khaosan; however, a change was being made for it.


When we visited Khaosan, I think it was perfect. Khaosan is Khaosan anyway! Its atmosphere and vibes made it Khaosan.


There are lots of tribal shops on the street with prices that you can haggle. Moreover, I could not forget how I was mesmerized by the beautiful misangas that we purchased beside the road.

Here is one of the catch; you can have insects as snacks here! Exotic right? Well, you should try it, even if you feel that its gross. It is one of the essences of travel anyway, eat local foods and experience the world. So, choose your insect snacks.

At night it turns into a sort of party place. Travelers can enjoy music and doses of beverages.

IMG_4300 (1)

Khaosan is just a short road and it would just take few minutes if you will stroll from its end to end. However, you will surely enjoy observing its daily norms.


Have you visited Khaosan? Feel free to link your stories or drop some words in my box below. I am quite curious about your experience. Moreover, if you are still planning to visit, do not hesitate to ask if you have questions. Ko pun ka!

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Sumer Kisses,


8 thoughts on “Khaosan Road, BKK; Some Things to Know and Expect

  1. Haha.. I cannot forget this place. It was here, in Khao san road where i ate an exotic food. 🐛🐛🐛🐛 Haha.. I loved how the people party, they were all friendly, offering you some drinks, some were dancing and just enjoying the music.

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    1. Oh.. really! You tried 🐛 too? I think it really takes courage to try it Sofee. Well, it is just so nice to remember visiting a country and trying out the weird things for us. I love Khao San’s vibes !
      Have a great day Sofee

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Debbie..what are the places that you have visited in Bkk? Maybe you have visited places that I also missed.
      add Khaosan in your next Thai trip.
      Have a great day debbie:)

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