Anna Sui mini Towel

Got a surprise from a person whom I haven’t met and rarely have an idea about her. It was just so thoughtful of her to think about a lovely idea of surprising me. I couldn’t even memorize her name and  I am always trying to picture her out. She is a Japanese woman, around 60 and a workmate of my dear one, I was just being mentioned by my dear to her once in their random conversation. It was my first to receive a meaningful gift from a stranger, how charming she is. As much that I would like to … Continue reading Anna Sui mini Towel

Argan oil

  Looking for a youthful glowing skin? Here is a must try “Argan Oil” it is a growing trend recently, gaining  popularity on the market. Though, some of us may not still be familiar about it, but I guess it got it all. “Argan oil” also known as  “golden liquid” “gold oil”, basically came from the kernel of Argan Tree or Argania which is much found in Morocco. The tree usually grows for about 8-10 meters and can live for about 150-200 years. Because of the increasing threat of market demand and the rising population of goats, it has been … Continue reading Argan oil


“Having a bohemian soul is someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is profoundly romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box.” -Savannah Miller“ “Boho-Chic” is one of the sought after trends that girls would really want to. With a bohemian,  classy, 70’s hippie, ethnic, vintage and gypsy match-up, you could be on the go and become a head turner. It actually originated from the term “Bohemian” which refers to people who are living in a typically eccentric and mostly artistic lives. Surely, there has been a lot … Continue reading Boho-Chic

Beautrio Vanity Box

I am really fond of collecting jewelries and make-ups ever since. Every time I walk out and see cute or interesting fashion jewelry and make up stuffs on the store, I can’t help it I cannot stop myself to buy or try it out even if I am already running out of penny (poor budgeting skills TT).  It is not really a need for me to buy it but I just want to collect and wear it out on the occasion that fits. But well, it is not that effective because I just usually mess it up! Sometimes I forgot … Continue reading Beautrio Vanity Box