Boracay Island Activities to Include on Your List

The pure white sands, sun-filled activities, perfect sunset, nightlife fun, international vibes, and simply everything. Who wouldn’t be captivated by one of the world’s popular beaches Boracay? But probably it is contrary to what it looked like 10 years ago; … Continue reading Boracay Island Activities to Include on Your List

Blog Farewell

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are all doing well and I pray that you are having a great start for 2016. Currently, am keeping track on my goals and am glad to announce that I just bought my own domain and opted to self-hosting. Well, we need to level up and hooray, it is such an accomplishment and a sort of reward for my blog! So probably this would be my last post here since I just moved my blog to . I succeeded moving the contents, however I’m quite sad not to direct my followers on this site … Continue reading Blog Farewell