Mall Hopping in Bangkok

Arrived in Bangkok, but do not know where to start or perhaps, you got a free time upon your arrival? Why not explore corners and discover good finds? Some travelers plans ahead; however, traveling spontaneously leads you to unexpected adventures. … Continue reading Mall Hopping in Bangkok

Heartfelt Blog Revival

It has been a long time that I didn’t touch my blog. Oh my, a year ago! I have been asking myself what did I do with the past months and realized that, I was into a lot of things; things that are necessary in taking the steps of life, things that are valuable enough that I shouldn’t lose track of it and a ton of things that are pretty complicated. “A year ago” …….time runs so fast that most of us usually, didn’t notice how the days are flying by so quickly. How about you, what did you do … Continue reading Heartfelt Blog Revival

Candy store love

Everything feels so sweet, You are a candy store! You gave me love, that is heaven to feel You are a a candy store! Caramel dipped fruit, Cheese sprinkled cake, You are a candy store! Lovely, sweet and gold You are a candy store! Music on a doughnut, Butter to a nut. You are a candy store! Spreading love that is pure, You are a candy store! An ice to my cream, The only one that I ever dream. You tell me funny things, Maki’n me dance and sing, You are a candy store! Creati’n happy hours, Spendi’n funny times. … Continue reading Candy store love