CEBU ZIP-LINE DOCE PARES PARK ADVENTURE ( things you need to know)

Any plan for this summer? Probably, you are thinking of beaches, sunbathing under the scorching heat of the sun, swimming under the deep blue sea or just staying at home and try to imagine things that would pamper you this summer while eating a colorful and mouth-watering homemade halo-halo. Well, those are just two common routines that people basically do this summer. Out of thousands options for this summer, why not try different? Don’t worry; I have a suggestion for you.

Usually, people would always want to relax this summer (who doesn’t want) but what I mean here is to relax merely, just by sleeping, eating, surfing and watching TV at home especially on teens. There are people who would always love to do that and I was one of them. But hey, I found it boring in the long run! So, I decided to get up from my comfort zone contact my friends. Swimming is a routine and since most of the crowd is going to beaches dipping in the sea, we decided to try something diverse, something adventurous and something extreme, away from the crowd and much close to nature and heaven. Suddenly TADA! We came up with a mountain adventure, but the problem is where? After a few minutes, we remembered Doce Pares located in Busay, their trademark adventure is the Zipline. There are many tourist spots that offers zip-line here on Cebu, there’s one in Balamban , Argao and another one is somewhere in tops, the habal-habal drivers call it Gaas.

” Doce Pares Coffee shop and stairway to zip-line”

   Why we chose to be in Doce Pares, why you should?

  First and foremost, it is just minutes away from the city.
·         No need to ride a bus and travel exhaustedly.
·         You can commute and save fare if you do not have your own vehicle (just be wise).
·         Great for teens, who wants to take a risk and doesn’t know anything (experimenting like us). Lol.
·         You can glance at nature on its best, Cebu City and Mactan Island on its top!
So, let’s proceed and start the tour!
       How to get there?
     First option (Commute to the highest level )
1.       From your place, just take a ride going to Lahug and be sure to stop on JY Square, it is a popular mall in Lahug, just tell it to the driver and surely, he will drop you there.
2.       In JY Square there are many motorcycles waiting for passengers and begging you to hire them. BEWARE: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FOOLISH HABAL-HABAL DRIVERS. Ask if they have a driving license, make sure their wheels are not flat. A TIP:  DO NOT ASK THEM FOR THE FARE FROM JY SQUARE TO DOCE PARES. Usually and originally the minimum fare for Doce Pares to Jy is only 35 PHP, but then, if you are a newbie and doesn’t know anything some, would take advantage from you and ask for a higher price 50 Php and more (grrr, harsh).  DO NOT BELIEVE ON HERSAYS: there are some habal-habal drivers that will fool you and say that the services in Doce Pares are currently unavailable, under repair and etc.  even if it’s not true and they would suggest to take you to GAAS farther than Doce Pares, the more kms  you take the more the fare (SEE how wise they are) . BE ATTENTIVE:  When you ride a habal-habal be safe and do not do unnecessary movements, it is a long ride and it pays to be careful to avoid danger. Pray first, they will take you there safely.  When you arrive at the entrance gate  get down from the motorcycle immediately, some will fool you again and will ask for another  10 php , they will take u to the parking lot near the zip-line area even though its just walking distance with a very few steps from the entrance gate lol.
        Second option ( Its Crisis, contact Doce Pares and you will save penny)
1.      If your company is four or more then, I suggest you this option. Before getting there contact Doce Pares ahead and be booked for services. They have a service shuttle that could fetch you from JY Square. For only 300 Php, it could accommodate up to 13 passengers (if all of you are skinny). It would take 15 minutes from Jy Square Mall to Doce pares. The Shuttle Service is only from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays-Sundays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm No worries, no hassle, very safety and pocket clever.
Taking a pose with my friends,in their shuttle.
     Third option (how far your car will take)
1.       If you have your own get away vehicle, simply drive to Lahug, take the way to Tops and u will pass Doce Pares.  You could ask the bystanders or the police in Lahug and they will give u the direction (just be brave).  The road is narrow but in good condition. Fasten your seatbelt and be careful in Driving!
Now you arrived, there’s an entrance fee for only 20 Php.
                Adventure prices:
·         Zip-line short -100 Php
·         Zip-line long -200 Php
·         Hanging bridge walk- 20 Php
·         Hanging wire walk- 20 Php
·         Rope/wall climbing -30 Php
·         Videoke -5 php per song
·         Circus Jumping- (price unknown)
Actually, I don’t know the real name of the rides, just coined it the way I perceived them.  Now that you have the necessary information, be excited, be thrilled and make your cameras ready and experience the fun that I have on CEBU ZIP-LINE DOCE PARES PARK.
        Its showtime!
After you pay for the zip-line, you’ll get a priority no. you, will be called when its your turn. Chilling, while waiting ^_^!
Sitting on the bamboo swing while feeling the breeze.
WoaH, the highlights! Zip-line whatever position you want, but don’t forget the safety instructions!
Lol, my brother would try to be in a circus, jumping? rawR!
This is what I called hanging bridge walk.

We did shine and enjoyed this day! Thanks for dropping . Much love and God bless.

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