Valeria Lukyanova; a real life barbie?

Just this week Ukranian Model Valeria Lukyanova, gets viral into the internet, as she hits the board for being the world’s closest human replica of the Mattel Barbie doll. Her quest to stardom is being followed by critics and pros by their disbelief in her overwhelming and exaggerated appearance. Who would think that the Barbie doll that little girls do usually play would come into real life. Unbelievably, she has big blue glassy eyes, tiny waist, straight platinum blonde hair and huge breast, dresses, looks and acts like the plastic doll.

V.L.’s picture from Fb

Now, with her popularity, people are getting curious for her existence. She does exist, but people just don’t want to admit it, that’s why her name was being flooded by criticism. Who on earth would be like a breathing Barbie doll? Well, it’s creepy and it’s like touching her would be so fragile however it is awe for some with her exquisiteness and creed.

Valeria Lukyanova claims that she is a singer and a composer of 70 songs. She has some clips on youtube , with her make-up tutorials, pictures and other stuffs with the screen name of “Amatue”. Just recently she uploaded a video stating that good genes and healthy lifestyle have brought her being into that figure and public shouldn’t believe that she undergone plastic surgery. Her measurements aren’t known but her measurements are being estimated as   a 5-foot-9 woman with a 38DD chest and 18-inch waist. Unrealistic for a natural woman to have! So, many people believe that she went through a surgery with spending thousands and thousands of dollars just to achieve that Barbie look.

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There is even a guy who stated that the existence of Valeria is a hoax and said that he is a victim of Valeria’s scam. Her existence is yet unclear if she does exist I believe that she is not pure . If only she appears in an on the spot TV interview or any talk shows proving that she is real. TT



3 thoughts on “Valeria Lukyanova; a real life barbie?

  1. Well, she’s certainly a real person. She has a Youtube channel and website. I’ve become intrigued by her weirdness, as of late.

    She doesn’t really “act like a Barbie”, unless your Barbies believed they were reincarnated souls of dead aliens. She has a lot of unusual pseudo-New Age beliefs. For example, she believes she is a Pleiadian, whatever that means. She also follows an extreme raw, fruititarian diet.

    Her music is…also weird. Ironically, there’s a lot more depth to the plastic package than one might think (even if it is silly “depth”; at least she’s aiming for something more than being the fashion-obsessed diva you might expect her to be…then again, we all know she’s only on such an extreme diet to maintain her extraordinary waist, whether or not surgery got it to that point).


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