Cebu Japanese Festival

Japanese Festival

Awesome day at August 11-12, as Cebu celebrated “Japan Festival 2012” marking the value of friendship between Filipino and Japanese. Actually its the 56th year of friendship celebration but yeah it’s the first time  here in Cebu. The event also served as a path for the Japanese people to  extend their deep gratitude to the Cebuano people who were able to render a heartfelt hand and support for the Japanese people during the big Earthquake and Tsunami attack last 2011. On the other hand, it was also a bridge for the Cebuanos to experience Japanese culture, since a lot of Cebuanos shows a tremendous interest on Japanese culture too. Thus, the event was being organized hand-in-hand with the Japanese and Filipino people.

The peak of Cebu Japanese festival was mainly held at Ayala Center Cebu activity center. The environment was filled with colors and energy as performers hit off the stage with different Japanese cultural presentations. Definitely, you could feel like you are being inclined with the Japanese culture!
Here are the list of events

Am not  familiar with most of the events mentioned above and  when I had my first glance on the timetable, question marks were on my head ( I wonder what are those) , except Karate, cosplay and the singing contest of course. Finally, it was clearer when I attended the event. I was able to learn a lot with the Japanese culture and tradition and Japanese people were very friendly too! There were many people being gathered from different genre, ages and race. Like, all has been united to participate and drop by at the event.

Clicks and flashes for the Cebuano cosplayers as they dominate the activity center, wearing costumes inspired by Japanese anime and characters. The singing contest was so cute for it wasn’t just an ordinary singing contest, just imagine a Cebuano singing a Japanese song and a Japanese singing a Filipino song on the other hand. Hey it was not that easy to do that, I guess the contestants practiced so hard. Drum beats and dances also surprised the people as the Japanese performers intensifies Ayala Center with Wakodaiko. It was superb and my night ended up around Japanese Food Festival, looking and trying on some Japanese foods. Spicy? Yeah but not all. Surprisingly there was a Ramen eating contest in which there were many who wanted to join but only three were chosen.

The sponsors

It was such a day experiencing Japanese culture with friends. Somehow, I learned a lot also . I was able to get not just knowledge but also an awesome experience to share with people, especially to my Japanese students. Looking forward for the next event. See you all!

Enjoy browsing the pictures , thanks!

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