Upside Down

Love doesn’t have any boundaries.

This story revolves around  2 lovers who are living in a unique complicated world. They’re both in love but unfortunately they are being separated by their world. Their planet has a dual gravity in which gravity exist next to another. People from Up are the wealthy ones; they have fascinating and modernized buildings, people are high-class. However people from down are the poor ones, they live in an uncomfortable living condition. People from Up buys oil from down in a cheap price but in return people from Up sells high cost electricity to the downs. A bit unfair but that is how they live.

Their planet has three major decrees:

1. All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other.

  1. An object’s weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world (inverse matter).
  2. After a period of contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns.

Those rules make it difficult for the 2 lovers to be with each other. Adam (Jim Sturgess) is living in Down while Eden (Kristen Dunst) is living in Up. Having a connection from the opposite world is strictly prohibited. People from down cannot go up and if they do, they will be punished to death. The only way that people from different worlds could have a link is through “Transworld” a company that offers trade and business to people from Up and Down located in a glamorous building structure.

Adam’s past was hard; he lost his parents in an oil explosion at an early age. The only family that he has is her great-aunt who shared to him a secret recipe for flying pancakes using pollens being gathered by pink bees from different worlds. It has been carried out from their generation and finally, to Adam.
When Adam was a little kid, he tried to explore and climbed up the highest peak of their place which is very close to Up. There he saw Eden, a girl from up. They kept on seeing each other on that spot but it was hard because they cannot go near with each other. Until Adam, were able to find a way getting close to Eden using a rope. Adam would release the rope to Eden’s world, Eden would tie it on her body and Adam will pull her down. They developed a special relationship with each other and it made them very happy. Suddenly, one day while Eden was on her way Up with the rope assisted by Adam, they were being caught, Adam was shot and he accidentally dropped the rope causing Eden’s head to be badly injured.  When Adam returned to home her Aunt was being caught by the police and her home was being demolished.

images (3)
The rock formation keeps Eden close to Adam.

Years after, Adam worked out on some products using his Aunt’s technique. He was able to develop cosmetic product which can make old people young. All throughout the years Adam’s feeling to Eden hasn’t changed until he was able to see Eden in a commercial for TransWorld. Right then, he was very eager to have Eden back. He tried to make a way to find and meet Eden. One of it, is having a help from his friend Bob an employee of Transworld whom he helped to get an exceptional stamp from down.

Finally he was successful on his goal; he disguised as a Transworld employee and used his friend’s name. He was able to find Eden. He even went and stepped on Up by putting some invention on his body which made him counteract the gravity. He then discovered that Eden is having amnesia but suddenly after a few minutes of talking Adam’s body started to burn, so he ran and left Eden in the restaurant.

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Adam was endorsing his products to people from up. Surprisingly Eden saw him and discovered his real identity. Eden was disappointed and ran. Adam chased her and went to Up again, he used the Id of his friend on Up but the Id was already terminated and he was being identified as a person from down. So, police officials from up were tracking him.  He thought that he couldn’t meet Eden anymore but with Bob’s help they were reunited again. They met but cops were able to trace them, they were not able to escape. Eden was caught while Adams drops on Down.  TransWorld agrees to discard the charges towards Eden if Adam would give them his formula and cut down all his connection to Eden forever.

Trying to escape and fight for their love.

After that incident Adam was back on his normal life without a hope that he would see Eden again. Until one day Eden visited Bob telling him that he can stay down without the help of any weights. Bob was able to go Down using Adam’s method to counteract gravity. Bob had the ownership of Adam’s cosmetic before TransWorld were able to obtain it.

Bob told Adam that he could meet Eden on a certain place. Adam was so excited and finally they were able to see each other. Eden surprised Adam that shewas bearing their twins and now, she could walk down without weights. Their story made a significant change on their world; their love made a sense of equality between their nations.

The movie ends, they kissed and lived happily ever after.
The movie ends, they kissed and lived happily ever after.

This story only proves that love conquers all. There might be a lot of struggles a couple could face, a lot of hindrances that they could meet on their way but if the two of them are determined to be together then nothing is impossible. No matter how distant the couples are, if they would only keep the fire burning always then their love would prevail until the end of time. Love can move mountains and can even change nations.

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