Mornings are Worth Waking-up Early

Your alarm clock rings, wake up, it is time to open your eyes. A brand new day, make it, rise and shine! However, the morning is cold, the bed is warm, your eyes so hard to open, your body is being pulled by gravity, it feels so comfortable, so nice to sleep……. still. So, you turned off the alarm, said that you’ll wake up after a minute or 5, you closed your eyes, opened it again but oh, you slept for an hour! Too bad, you are LATE!

Got a chance to hitch a trip to an  Eco- Village owned by a film maker on a place so hidden that I didn’t know that paradise could exist. It was early morning when we arrived, the sun was about to rise, it was breath-taking! I was captivated by the place and moreover to the morning atmosphere. I have been waking up late recently and seems that mornings aren’t that meaningful at all, I prefer to sleep more thinking about myself and just on how many wrinkles I could save on my face, leaving 30 minutes to prepare and rush. It Isn’t healthy at all right?

I have decided to change that habit after these moments:

Stepped in the car-sized gate of the village and these houses painted me a great surprise. Native inspired houses with modern built. Really wanted to have one someday! I felt so laid-back witnessing how the sun embraces the whole vicinity.

Went around and can’t stop taking photos of the flowers all over the place. It is only in the morning that you can see the flowers bloom gracefully. A beautiful life every morning.

I stood next to the pond, took a deep breath and wow, my whole being was cleansed by the fresh morning air.

The plants and trees made me nostalgic, rarely in the city I could find them.

It was calm, so relaxing and I found a perfect place to blend and struck a pose.

It was a moment of realization for me. “I would not be able to experience this kind of bliss if I didn’t wake up early”.

I hope that the pictures could inspire you to wake up early each day with the eagerness to experience the morning blessings. The beautiful morning that I had in the Eco- village awakened my spirit and soul. Early mornings are worth waking-up indeed!

Troubled waking up early too?Feel free to share some morning insights and inspirations on my box. 🙂 Would be so glad to motivate each other, let us wake up by five tomorrow! ^^

63 thoughts on “Mornings are Worth Waking-up Early

      1. Sometimes when we visit the city there is so much going on, so much choice we wish that we lived there! Maybe one day you will move, but for now make the most of what you have😊 Enjoy!

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  1. I love it when I wake up early after a good night’s sleep (so I’m not tempted to just burrow back under the covers for another hour), and I can tell it’s a beautiful day outside (just like your photos), and I suddenly realize *I have absolutely no obligations this day!* I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to be anywhere, there are no demands on my time or attention. The whole world is mine, with unlimited opportunities ahead! I can do whatever I want!

    And then I go burrow back under the covers for another hour….(grin)

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  2. Just like the others said, beautiful photographs! Also, the early morning can bring such a hard time to leave the warmth of the covers to ring in the new day. Although, it seems so wonderful to wake up early after you have actually gotten out of bed. You can do it! And Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much!!!
      That is really true, how comfortable it is to sleep more, feel the bed and the covers..
      I’ll push for it. Thanks for cheering up!!


  3. You make a good point. I used to force myself to get up when my alarm went off, even if I didn’t want to. Some days this meant I had to be up by 5 am for work. As hard as it was getting up that early, I enjoyed those mornings. It was nice to be up before everyone else, and to get to see the sunrise. But lately I’ve been sleeping much later, and as a result my morning are more rushed and less pleasant. Perhaps I’ll get back to not using the snooze button.


  4. It looks magical! Here in Huadu, there is a different sort of magic to waking up early. There is a nearby market, which specializes in produce and (sorry) meat. This includes fish and poultry primarily (and all sorts of veggies). To see hundreds shoving one another in the early morning hour’s is terrific. Unfortunately, I sleep too much, and I have only enjoyed the craziness twice.

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  5. Beautiful images. I felt the same way when we were in Maui last summer. I didn’t want to miss any daylight. Everywhere I looked was paradise!

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  6. So interestingly, I was having a conversation with nysekf thus morning on this topic. But from the point of, I giotta stop staying up so late so I can get up and enjoy the morning. Plus, going to bed when I get slepoy means better sleep. So hopefully, u will reverse thus habit and join you on the sunny side too.

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    1. That’s really true. Recently I’ve noticed that I am being productive and when I sleep on time, my body isn’t that heavy to get up that early. Let’s be motivated and push ourselves to finish our tasks early, get to bed on time and enjoy the sunshine with a cup of coffee.
      Xoxo huni,


  7. It’s a beautiful post! Love it and love the photos too! Mornings are the most wonderful part of the day, especially in summer. I totally relate – I always wake up as early as possible. 🙂

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  8. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful… how we humans are endowed with magical mind-eyes capable of vicarious travel to vistas- here and in space while donned in pajamas and sipping herbal teas. Kudos to you for allowing me to tag along journeying somewhere marvelous this Sunday morning!

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