Blog Farewell

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are all doing well and I pray that you are having a great start for 2016. Currently, am keeping track on my goals and am glad to announce that I just bought my own domain and opted to self-hosting. Well, we need to level up and hooray, it is such an accomplishment and a sort of reward for my blog! So probably this would be my last post here since I just moved my blog to . I succeeded moving the contents, however I’m quite sad not to direct my followers on this site to my domain.

So, here it is guys! (Click the pictures and it will redirect you to my new site.)

The header of my new site and website appearance.

It’s already a thousand plus of followers here already and am quite sad because followers are not catered on wordpress migration that means I have to start from scratch in gaining audience and followers. Anyway,I am still positive and hopeful for the start of my blogging year at . Hope that you could still visit and follow my new site. I will miss you guys! Take care always and keep in touch with arlinspires.







27 thoughts on “Blog Farewell

  1. Did you just get your own domain on WordPress or leave it entirely? It seems odd if you are still on WordPress that they wouldn’t migrate your blog followers, as it kind of discourages people from getting their own domain ?!

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    1. Hello Katelon 🙂 I purchased the domain on different hosting platform, I got it from HostingVisa. Since it is a different platform, they couldn’t migrate everything from WordPress, only the contents. But probably If I could just, buy my own domain or upgrade my wordpress subscription then my followers would keep intact, quite pricey for me. My old WordPress is still live, but won’t be utilizing it. Are you currently in subscription with other platforms too?

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  2. Congratulations – and what an exciting new adventure for you!

    I’m curious: what inspired the move, and made you finally take the leap of faith to do it?


  3. Thanks for the like! I see you have moved your site to it’s own domain. I am planning to take that on this summer. The new site looks great! Best of luck, I’ll be following.

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    1. Oh, hello Tico, Yes! I finally did it after years of wishing!
      Really, Thanks a lot Tico.
      Push for getting your own domain too. It is exciting and really worth it!


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