Surely it is fun to travel with someone, as the saying goes two heads are better than one. If you are used to traveling with someone and you haven’t tried walking the way on your own, now is the perfect time to go for it.

Traveling alone is life changing. There are a lot of great things that you can encounter along the way. Moreover, it is a perfect way to overcome your fear while seeing the world. Here are few reasons why you should travel alone.

Discover Yourself More

You may have different questions about yourself that are unanswered. By traveling alone, you can find more meaning to your life. Because you do not have a travel buddy. Thus, you will force yourself to do things that you thought you cannot do.


You can decide on your own. There is no need to consider the feelings and decision of someone because you are the master of your plan. You can go and explore anytime and anywhere in your convenience.

More Friends

There are lonely times when you travel alone. However, it is a perfect time for you to assimilate with the locals and meet new friends. Once you started to do that, your connections will boost. You can tell everyone that you have friends from different countries. For sure, your new friends will orient you to the place and culture. So, you can have a travel guide plus you will just feel at home.

You Can Keep Up With Your Budget

When you travel alone, you can spend according to your means. There would be no one to pressure you to eat out at a certain restaurant or shop when you do not prefer.

Build Up Your Confidence

You can encounter mistakes and troubles along the way. But after you overcome it, you will gain learnings from it.  As scuh, it is quite fulfilling to track a journey on your own. You are positive because, in every destination that you have visited, it is conquering the world.

Would you love to travel alone or with someone? Share your thoughts freely in my box below.

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Wander love,


  1. wow! those exactly are my reasons too! I like talking with the locals, hear the place’s history from them, or just observe what they are doing. They would sometimes ask me why I am traveling solo, and I would just say “cause if I am with someone, I won’t be talking to you now” ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hello Joan! It is a unique experience right? t sounds lonely to travel alone, but it actually is not right? With it, you have the freedom to careful socialize with the locals.
      By the way I love the relaxing pictures on your blog!!
      Have a great day Joanne:)

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  2. I’d love to believe that I’m the type of person that cab travel alone, but sadly, I think I’d be lying to myself. That lonely feeling + not being able to share such a experience with someone else always pushes me to seek a companion. This is something I’ll have to push myself to do in the near future! *Adds to bucket list*

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    1. Hello faith:) yah true! it great to have me time but sometimes we could question ourselves. So, just push for that goal faith. Soon you could have a travel buddy and its also a different and colourful experience.
      Have a great day,


    1. oh.. am glad to hear your story and preference. I think as a photographer, it is always best to travel solo and enjoy solemn moments while taking pictures. There are no interruptions.Have a great day!

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  3. Amazing points ! I have never thought like this before. I am always scared of traveling alone by always thinking what if I miss a flight or had to make a quick decision or got chased by some wrong person. But I think at least once in life we all should travel solo.it’s a beautiful feeling and the amount of confidence that will be gained will be staggering ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. Yes. It does build your confidence. That is my fav one you listed. By far.
    Just wait until you have to get a cab or something when on your own somewhere and you have to tough it out ad be resourceful… you do that you come a new person completely LOL. #GrownPopleBehaviour

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    1. Thank you Natasha, am sure you can! Start planning for a domestic escapade. Then soon bigger, steps aways from your country alone.
      All the best,


  5. I would, but I dislike having to go anywhere alone. I also dislike having to confer with anyone about my plans, but since I hate traveling alone more, I just live with cranky people who might take offense to my plan of – say walking along Central Park for 4 hours straight soaking in nature and naked bottoms of topless sunbathing ladies.

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    1. Yah! Indeed nothing beats that being with someone whom you can share crazy and weird stuffs with. Who can also take your pictures!
      Thank you indaygirlie!


  6. you really can have more experiences on your own — I am married, love traveling with my husband, but I get in many more conversations when I am by myself. Travel, however you can!


  7. In 2016 I walked from Lisbon in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, on my own, The sense of freedom was wonderful, but I did miss not having someone to share the amazing views or funny incidents. It won’t stop me traveling on my own again and I am planing a long walk in 2018 from the Swiss Alps to Rome. Surely I will find someone to talk to along the way!? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for your thoughts…Mel

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